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The global economy was hit by a recession and now it is trying to limp back to its past glory. In these trying times, finding jobs isn’t easy. Joining a call centre is an excellent way of earning money and keeping your cash flow situation under control. Even if you’re planning to make a career in the call centre industry, it will provide ample chances for professional growth. The basic minimum of a call centre job is excellent speaking and marketing skills but some multi-national companies which have established their call centres for customer support have their own criteria. If you’re thinking of applying for a call centre job in Dubai, consider this article as your guide.


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    The first thing you will require is a resume (or CV) that leaves an impact on a potential employer. Make sure it is coherent and in simple words, while reflecting your professional and academic achievements. Mention your previous experiences (if any), academic qualifications and your skills as an individual. The following links explain how a good CV should be like;

    Visit Kent’s website.
    Visit Seltek consultant’s website.

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    There are many online portals that list down call centre job openings. Sift through them and find the ones whose criteria you match. They will have their e-mail, postal address or telephone numbers listed with the job posting.  It is best to personally drop your CV by visiting the office. But you can e-mail them too. Refer to the following list of the online portals which list vacancies in call centre jobs;

    Visit Career Jet’s website.
    Visit Job’s in Dubai’s website.
    Visit Monstergulf’s website.
    Visit NaukriHub’s website.

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    Another great way of applying for call centre jobs in Dubai is to search for IT related companies, or companies that offer outbound services in your locality. These companies have websites that list down the vacancies that they currently have. For example, the following companies have call centre/sales representative job openings listed on their websites;

    Visit Mena Business Services website.
    Visit Unimar’s website.
    Visit Union National Bank’s website and apply in the ‘call centre’ category.

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    You can take help from recruitment agencies working in Dubai that will assist in getting you the kind of call centre job you require. These can be online or have a physical presence. The websites mentioned below are examples of some of the recruitment agencies.
    Visit Bayt’s website.
    Visit BAC’s website.
    Visit Job-Me’s website.

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