Camden Crawl Festival London

Camden Crawl is one of the most exciting music festivals in London. It marks the start of UK’s festival season with good music and live entertainment. The specialty of Camden Crawl is that it features new and upcoming artists along with popular performers of the music industry. In doing so, it brings together fans and die-hard music lovers under one platform. This festival is famous for its diverse selection of artists and enjoyable music. People coming to Camden Crawl can listen to music and songs from both local and international artists. The festival is celebrated for three days and is attended by a large number of visitors. The Crawl has always taken deep pride in making live music affordable and reachable to people. To make the musical experience more worthwhile, the Crawl ticket price usually covers a free download collection and program guide. In addition, you will also be given a magazine showcasing its curators and appearing artists.

Visit The Camden Crawl Festival’s website.


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    The festival is celebrated each spring with great anticipation and enthusiasm. The Crawl became well known as the first festival to highlight the performances of most talked about new artists ever since its commencement in 1995. After three extremely successful years, the festival took an eight years long break before resuming its activities in 2005. Ever sine 2005, it has now been taking place every year.

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    The festival is popular for its carnival like arts showcasing comedy and spoken word. Other events at the festival include short film and pop quizzes, while busking, acoustic performances and workshops are also popular amongst many people. The festival also boasts of karaoke, exhibitions and more. Some of the noteworthy activities at the festival include live band performances. Since it takes place at multiple venues, therefore food and drinks are available at the nearby stalls at each of the venues. There is also a large variety of alcohol served on different prices.

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    Important dates:

    May (Usually begins by the start of May).

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    Three days.

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    How to contact:

    For tickets, registration, inquiries, schedule of events and confirmation of important dates, use the following information to contact the Camden Crawl staff.

    Email to:

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    For walk up tickets, click here. And for online and tele-sales tickets, visit

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    The Camden Crawl festival takes place in multiple places in the borough. For more information on the festival venues, you can visit the venue maps here.

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    How to get there:

    By Tube:

    Commuters can take Camden Town tube Station if they want to travel by tube. After leaving the tube station they can walk to the Camden Town. They have to head southeast on Camden High St/A502 towards Parkway/A4201 that is 128 feet away from the tube station. Afterwards they have to turn left onto the Greenland road that stretches up to a distance of .2 miles. This road can be traveled in 4 minutes. On reaching Greenland road, they need to turn right onto Camden St/A400 that is 102 feet away. View map

    By Bus:

    There is a bus station available nearby. Travelers can take Camden Town, Pratt Street Camden Street (Stop J) to reach Camden Town.  From the location of bus stop, they need to head northwest on Camden St/A400 towards Georgiana street. Camden St/A400 is 197 feet away from the bus stop and this distance can be covered in 41 seconds. After passing the Georgiana street, Camden Town can be located ahead of them. View map

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