Ceremonies and Traditions in London

Although there is an extensive difference between ‘traditions’ and ‘ceremonies,’ but it does not change the fact that both are celebrated in special ways. Like other places, Londoners also do not let go any chance of fete and revelry. Several occasions are celebrated annually all over the capital city of United Kingdom, and some events even involve the entire world through satellite broadcasting or internet. London, with a rich history of 2,000 years, knows how to celebrate traditional events and engage everyone in the celebrations. A few traditions have been passed on from generations, while other celebrations went through massive amounts of changes in their way of rejoicing, though the aim and motive remained the same.


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    Tradition is a word that is capable enough to explain a specific religion’s customs and habits that are passed on from one generation to the next. The actual motive of traditional celebrations is to keep traditional values fresh in the minds of society. Annually, on a particular, date several traditional events take place not only in London, but all over the globe.

    Halloween Event:

    31st of October is a day when no one fears to see ghosts, witches and zombies walking down the streets. The capital city of United Kingdom is known to be a perfect venue for this tradition. Halloween themed parties are scheduled in several places, making the celebration complete.

    Thanksgiving in London:

    Thanksgiving is celebrated with all its traditional festivity just like it is rejoiced in United States of America. This festivity was started in 1621 in order to remind people about the harvest pilgrims. This day is celebrated on the Fourth Thursday of November by having a family gathering, and preparing a juicy stuffed turkey for dinner or lunch.


    Every year, on the 25th of December, the atmosphere is filled with Christmas carols while children, after receiving their desired gifts from Santa Claus, gather around Christmas trees and celebrate this traditional occasion with family and friends.

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    Ceremonies are events which are not related to rituals or beliefs, but are social acts of courtesy following some strict etiquette and rules. They depend on the state’s rules or historical occurrence that are associated with them. They usually do not have any meaning, but the reason for which these ceremonies take place can be significant.

    New Year’s Eve Parade:

    With an overwhelming optimism, Londoners initialize their year with new resolutions, introspection into past experiences and positive expectations as the clock strikes 00:00. On the 1st of January every year, people gather at 150 Piccadilly and participate as live street audiences to see the colorful and thrilling event.

    St George’s Day:

    In the memory of St George, people of London arrange celebrations on a massive scale on the 23rd of April. The day reminds Londoners about the sacrificial victim, St George, a brave Roman soldier who protested against the Roman by showcasing his favor for Christians and died.

    Trooping the Color:

    Since the 17th century, this prestigious event has been taking place in the Horse Guards Parade. Not only in London, this event snatches the lime light all over the globe due to the presence of Royal family in it. The event is scheduled in order to celebrate the birth of the British Sovereign.

    Hampton Court Palace:

    In the year 1993, the festival of Hampton Court Palace was initialized. Musical performances of well known British solo singers and bands are organized in this electrifying event. The festival takes place in the Hampton court Palace, which is why the it is named after palace.

    Lord Mayor’s Show:

    For more than 800 years, the event of Lord Mayor's Show has been taking place in the streets of London. The sparkle of this event is a parade which involves more than 6,000 people performing on decorated floats. This show fills the streets of London with vibrant hues and thrilling beat of music on the second Saturday of November annually.

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