Chimney Sweeping Services in London

As cold winter hits London, many homes use their fireplaces to heat homes. This means that a chimney will end up covered in soot and grime by the end of the winter season. A chimney sweeping service should be used in the residential and commercial sector at least once a year to clear ash. The dirt and dust that assembles in the chimney not only makes the place soiled and grubby, but it can also have harmful effects on human health if it stays for a longer period. A good Chimney Sweep service can clean your chimney quickly and effectively. At the end of the winter try using one of the Chimney Sweep Service in London listed below.


  • 1

    Clean Sweep, was initially established in 1964 which is a family run Chimney sweeping service. Being the oldest and experienced chimney service in London, Clean Sweep knows how to provide superior service.

  • 2

    Mr Jolly Chimney Sweep, is a professional, reliable and friendly chimney service in London which provides top quality work in an efficient manner.

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    Apex Chimney Services, has been providing chimney sweeping service for over two decades in the capital of United Kingdom. The company has professional  staff who have best knowledge and skills to get the work done properly.

  • 4

    M. Dole Chimney Sweeps, is one of the best Chimney sweep services in London which guarantees the quality of work in a reasonable price.

  • 5

    Chimney Sweep London, is based in South London which provides efficient and quality chimney cleaning service. The company deals in all kind of chimney sweeping service both in commercial and residential.

  • 6

    Wimbledon Fireplaces, is one of the London’s largest fireplace provider which also offers chimney sweep services. On buying fireplaces from Wimbledon, the company offers special discounts on chimney and other cleaning services.

  • 7

    B.G Wright Sweep Service is a renowned sweeping service in London. The company provides cleaning service to both residential and commercial sector.

  • 8

    Kail & Co, provides clean, quick and efficient chimney sweeping service at a competitive cost. Kail & Co are experienced family run business with a reliable credibility.

  • 9

    Bernard Harrison Chimney Sweep, has been in the business of chimney sweeping for more than 45 years. Due to their experience and highly professional staff the company is renowned for providing efficient and reliable service.

  • 10

    Black Cab Chimney Sweeps, is a fast and efficient domestic and commercial cleaning services which deals in chimney sweep as well.

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