Clothes to Wear With Sperry Topsiders

When it comes to wearing shoes for an event, we are often able to make the right choice. However, matching the other things can become quite a headache as one has to keep a lot of things in mind. And the when the shoes are as unique as Sperry topsiders, the situation can be quite perplexing.

The best thing under this scenario is to stay calm and imagine all possible combinations which are possible.

Sperry topsiders were designed back in 1935 and became famous because of their unique soles. Every trendy girl has a pair these days, but they need to be aware of the right clothes to wear with these shoes. Choosing the right accessories will definitely add to the grace.


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    Try being unique

    Rather than following others, you should try to be unique when it comes to wearing the right clothes with Sperry topsiders. Look for designs which are not commonly worn by your friends in parties or any other events. However, being unique doesn’t mean that you don’t follow the latest fashion.

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    Denim shorts and a jean shirt

    If you are just planning to hang out with friends, you need to wear clothes which are comfortable. Therefore, the best option would be to go for Denim shorts and a jean shirt, which will make you look cool and comfortable. You can also carry some stylish accessories to catch the attention of others. Below are some ideas of the combinations you can try.

    - Shoes: Sperry Top-sider Boat Shoes
    - Top: G-STAR Nikki Sleeveless Chambray Shirt
    - Shorts: Paige Premium Denim Jimmy Jimmy denim shorts
    - Bag: Gucci Vintage Backpack
    - Accessories: BINDYA Ombre Modal Scarf

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    Sailor outfits

    Interestingly, Sperry topsiders were initially designed for sailors, which means they naturally look good with naval outfits. There are a lot of trendy clothes available in this category, but you should only look for the ones that suit you more. Here is what you will need to get this wonderful look.

    - Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original 2 Eye
    - Shorts: Oasis Lace Denim Shorts
    - Top: Karin Tee
    - Bag: MAR Y SOL Aix Straw Beach Tote

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    Safari look

    Whenever you are planning to go on an adventure, you should opt for a safari look. It is quite comfortable and will definitely be appealing. You just need the following things with you.

    - Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original 2-eye boat shoes in twill
    - Shorts: Organic by John Patrick Hip Short
    - Top: Boyfriend Loose Blouse
    - Bag: PROENZA SCHOULER Small leather bag
    - Accessories: Leva Round Wood Earrings with Marquis

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