Cooking Games for Kids

It can be a challenging task for the parents to keep their kids engaged at home. Children can create a lot of nuisance if they do not have anything to do. One of the easiest solutions parents can afford these days is to keep their kids engaged in online games on the computer. One such area of children’s interest and especially girls is Cooking Games. These online flash games are available on a range of websites like,, and We will now discuss a few games from these websites in order to give an insight into what Cooking Games are available out there.


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    My Dish –

    This is a very interactive and intuitive game for children out there. In this game, the kids have to match various eatable items placed in a dish from the ones appearing in a small dish on the right side. When a kid clicks on the same item in the main dish, that item disappears from there and points are scored. This game is sure to keep many children engaged for a long time.

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    Salted Caramel Brownies –

    In this very engaging game, kids are taught how to make salted caramel brownies in a step-by-step interface. The game is set up in a kitchen where a girl is guiding the kids to pick up ingredients of the recipe one by one. The kids can click on the ingredients and follow the on-screen instructions of the girl in order to complete the recipe of salted caramel brownies.

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    Pasta Salad –

    This is another very interactive and engaging cooking game for kids. In this step-by-step game, kids are taught how to make a pasta salad using the ingredients available on the table. The kids are required to pick up ingredients one by one using the on-screen menu board on the left side. The kids then complete all the steps to make a very tasty pasta salad.

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    Sara’s Cooking Class: Fruit Cake –

    There are many interesting cooking games available on this website and this game is one of them. In this class, Sara, an online character, guides the children step-by-step on how to make a fruit cake. This is a very intuitive game set up in a kitchen. The kids are required to follow the ingredients appearing on the right side and then take them out from the cabinets. They continue to do so until they complete a very delicious fruit cake.

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    Superhero Pizza –

    This is one of the most interesting cooking games available on the internet. In this game, kids are acting as a pizza maker and cartoon superheros come one by one in the shop and order their desired pizza. The kids are then required to prepare the pizza according to the order and then hand it over to the customers. The more happy customers are with their pizzas, the bigger they are likely to tip. As the game goes on, kids get more orders and their lead time for preparing the pizzas gets shorter and shorter.

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