Coroner’s Mortuary Facility In London

A coroner is a government officer who is a council appointment and works under the Coroners Act 1988. The responsibility of a coroner is to investigate somebody’s death, find out the cause of death, issue death certificates, manage death record, act in response to deaths caused by mass disasters, recognize unidentified dead and perform various other functions according to the local laws. On the other hand, mortuary is a facility that is known for hosting dead bodies before they are cremated or have had a burial. Along with this, there are several other things that are conducted in a mortuary and some of them are conducted under the supervision of coroner. People who seek details regarding coroner and mortuary can get them from this article.


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    Main Duties of a Coroner:

    The main responsibilities of a coroner are providing assistance to police if a death occurs at home, making arrangements for post martems, holding judicial inquiries in order to determine the cause of deaths, issue certificates for cremations and burials, help out bereaved persons by different processes and act as a liaison with funeral directors and doctors.

    In addition to this, coroners also carry out specific type of investigations; for instance if a person died during custody or because of his or her occupation and bed deaths.

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    The Coroners also get assistant officers who help out them in their work. These assistants can either be police officers or civilians.  

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    Coroner and Mortuary:

    The mortuary provides secure and safe storage facilities for dead bodies. The mortuary also maintains a specific room for post-mortems where different examinations on bodies are conducted by the coroner. Relatives of the deceased person can also view his or her dead body at the mortuary.

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    Find a Coroner or Mortuary:

    In order to find a coroner and mortuary, Londoners should contact their local councils, as both come under local authorities.

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    Contact a Coroner or Mortuary:

    Usually each local council has its own coroners and mortuaries therefore, find your local authority from here and get in touch with them.

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