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Corsica Studios is not only a theater but an institute with arts related activities including professional training programs, and it arranges joint ventures with other organizations for the promotion of arts and music. Located besides the railway arches and on the backside of Elephant and Castle Shopping Center, it is a small place and its journey started just eight years back. But in a very short time, it has earned a name and repute for itself as a well known club and a well equipped live music venue. It has a bar and a music area having space for 300 people, a terrace, an independent smoking area, and a small studio that has a room for 150 people. This place has been a proud host to many top musical and cultural events of London.


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    Corsica Studios was established in 2004 in a vacant building at Elephant Road near railway arches of Elephant and Castle station and behind the Elephant & Castle Shopping Center. The organization is continuing the same objective to utilize the empty spaces within London for arts based activities. It is now a famous music venue and an eminent club as well as a non-profit company that is actively involved in the promotion of music and arts by training people and organizing related events.

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    Things to do at Corsica Studios Theater:

    Following opportunities are available at Corsica Studios for the ones who love clubbing and music.

    - Flee Market

    FLEE market is the Summer Program at Corsica Studio inspired by the concept of a flea market. It not only has an open market having stalls of traditional clothing and works of modern designers, but it also has an art exhibition. A dedicated performance space will also be there for the exposure of new talent.

    - The Elephant Rooms

    The Elephant Rooms is an idea to host musical and artistic performances in temporary dedicated spaces in different empty shops of The Elephant and Castle Shopping Center to give easy access to the art lovers. The artists who redesign these places will also be able to exhibit their talent.

    - The Corsica Arts Club

    It targets to organize cultural and social activities with the mutual creative efforts of different groups of community and arts having an emphasis on the area of Elephant & Castle and the Borough of Southwark.

    - Off Modern

    Off Modern is a unique and nontraditional way of promoting art through music to provide a platform for new artists, writers, and musicians. The exhibition of musical acts give exposure to these talented performers, combined with the display of creative art samples all around the venue.

    - Trouble Vision

    Trouble Vision is a club night at Corsica Studios popular for exciting and fun filled parties. The lovable music and varied dance forms at these parties reflect the efforts of the team in building a distinctive repute of these events.

    - Baba Yaga's Hut

    This is a new live music night concept based on the same format as of An Electric Storm nights. The performances are not only of recognized artists, but a chance to struggling bands and artists is also given to come up and show their skills.

    - An Electric Storm

    An Electric Storm is an event that presents best quality music with highly entertaining performance by some top class European and International artists like Trost, 1927, Polar Bear, Cobra Killer, Guapo, HTRK, Clark, Khan, Electronicat and JG Thirlwell.

    - The Night Gallery

    The Night Gallery is a display of artwork mainly related to photography, paintings, classical and experimental music work, performing arts, spoken word, and digital art and film-making.  Regeneration is part of it and redeveloped spaces are used to present the work of artists to the public in places within the community.

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    For Booking at Corsica Studios Theater:

    For booking, the contact information is given below.

    Contact: +44 20 7703 4760

    For details visit the Corsica Studios Theater website.

    Online tickets are also available. Just call on the above mentioned number.

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    Operational Hours:

    Corsica Studios is authorized to extend its activities till 3 am from Sunday to Thursday and on Fridays and Saturdays it remains open till 6 am.

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    4/5 Elephant Road, London SE17 1LB, United Kingdom.

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    How to Reach Corsica Studios Theater:

    By Tube:

    From Elephant & Castle tube station exit towards right, then walk for one minute to Elephant & Castle (Stop R) from where bus number 343 will take you to its next stop at Hampton Street. Then move backwards on Walworth Road and a right turn on Elephant Road will lead you to Corsica Studios. View map.

    By Bus:

    To reach the studios there are two nearby bus stops; one is Elephant & Castle New Kent Road (Stop J) that is a route of bus numbers 53, 63, 168, 172, 363, 453, N63.  To reach the destination turn towards Elephant Road and after approximately two minutes walk, the Corsica Studios will be on your right. The other stop is Hampton Street Stop on Walworth Road where bus numbers 343, N343, and P5 arrive. From the bus stop, walk on left side then turn right on Elephant Street and the studios is just one minute walk away from here.

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