Curzon Crescent Nursery School London

Curzon Crescent Nursery School was opened in 2006 and serves the area of London Borough of Brent Council. The school has transformed itself from a limited scale institute to a full-scale children’s centre that provides education, care and a range of community services. The school has places for 104 children in its four class rooms and the students stay for lunch and attend morning and afternoon sessions. Quite a large number of children are also eligible for school meals that are free of cost. The children come from different cultural and minority tribal backgrounds, while the teaching staff of the school is now a manifestation of improvement and the management is excellent. Many parents prefer Curzon Crescent Nursery School because it is far away from the busy streets and each child is given individual attention.


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    Curzon Crescent Nursery School services

    Curzon Crescent Nursery School offers different learning opportunities and development courses to children and their families which include:

    - Childcare courses
    - IT courses
    - Parenting courses
    - English Language courses
    - Craft courses
    - Family trips are organized once in a year.
    - Free lunch is provided by the school to more than half students.
    - Training rooms are available for children activities.
    - A large meeting room for families where they can share ideas.

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    Operational hours of the Curzon Crescent Nursery School

    The school offers its services from Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 18:00.

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    How to Contact Curzon Crescent Nursery School

    If you want to contact Curzon Crescent Nursery School then you should visit the school office in their timing hours, or you can contact via the phone number given below.

    Contact: +44 20 8459 6813

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    Careers at Curzon Crescent Nursery School

    If you want to join Curzon Crescent Nursery School, or want any job in the school, then you need to visit the office of the school. There is one more option for you that you can send your resume via an e-mail to the administrator of the school.

    E mail:

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    Curzon Crescent Nursery School Location

    Curzon Crescent, London NW10 9SD, United Kingdom.

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    How to get Curzon Crescent Nursery School

    By tube

    Curzon Crescent Nursery School is situated at a distance of a few minutes of walk from Neasden tube station. If you want to go on car then you will head south on Neasden Lane towards Denzil Road and take the 2nd exit on High Road from the roundabout, and by taking another left turn, you will enter Curzon Crescent and find the nursery school on your right side. For a complete route map to Curzon Crescent Nursery School from Neasden tube station Click here.

    By bus

    If you want to go to Curzon Crescent Nursery School by bus, then the nearest bus stop is Church End, Curzon Cresent (NW10) (Stop B). You can use the bus numbers 260 and 266 to get the nursery school.

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