Departmental Shops in London

London is the best place for shopping that’s why there are many departmental shops present in the city. Shoppers belong to different tastes and ages and they need to get the right products to fully satisfy their needs. The local residents can find all sorts of products from clothing to gardening within London according to their budget and style. Some departmental shops sell classy designer products, others sell generic products and some other departmental shops sell specialty products like electronics, homeware, furniture, gardening, flooring and more. These departmental shops also have the facilities of café & restaurants for people to enjoy after shopping.


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    Debenhams is a large chain of departmental shops and it has a good selection ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty brands, electrical, furniture and other home-ware products at competitive prices. Local residents can avail the opportunity of discount throughout the year from this shop. This department shop is located at Marylebone in London.

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    Fenwick is a popular shop in London and is recognized to have an amazing collection of women’s clothes, accessories and beauty products. This shop also has facilities of restaurant and spa to satisfy everyone. In London, this shop can be found on Bond Street.

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    Fortnum & Mason

    Fortnum & Mason started operations in 1707 and up till now, it is providing the best quality fresh food to residents living in Piccadilly. This shop has extensive varieties of all products from groceries to books, gifts and hampers. This is the best place to find all products under one roof.

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    Harrods departmental shop has maintained its individuality in providing first-class products and services to London residents. Harrods has branded products in its shop that includes designer clothing to footwear, accessories, beauty, food & wine, and gifts. This departmental shop also has facilities of restaurant.

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    Harvey Nichols

    Harvey Nicholas has all classy brands of clothes, accessories and beauty; people can find all top brands in this departmental shop. Harvey Nicholas has also a restaurant, bar, café, wine shop and food market in its premises. This shop is in Knightsbridge in London.

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    House of Fraser

    House of Fraser has a large chain of 61 departmental shops in the United Kingdom and they sell a large range of products at affordable prices, from clothing to home-ware. They employ efficient staff that gives guidelines about shopping and modern interior to people. In London, this shop is located at Marylebone.

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    John Lewis

    John Lewis is the most visited departmental shop, situated on Oxford Street in London. This shop has seven floors that are filled with an extensive variety of products for people belonging to all ages. John Lewis has customer service departmental on the fifth floor where people can avail a chance of tax-free shopping.

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    This shop is the best choice to buy products and it offers classy designer brands of clothes, shoes, skin care products, beauty brands, home-ware products, and stationery. Liberty is usually recognized among Londoners for print fabric. This departmental shop is located in Regent Street in London.

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    Marks & Spencer

    Marks & Spencer is renowned all over the world because of selling good quality products that include clothing for people belonging to all ages, flowers & gifts and food & wine. They employ a professional staff which delivers the products to people on the given time. This departmental shop is located on Oxford Street in London.

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    Selfridges & Co

    Selfridge’s & Co not only sells products but shoppers can also experience great fun over there with outstanding dining and exhibition halls facilities. People can buy all sorts of products and they also have an excellent departmental for customer services. This shop can be found in London at 400 Oxford Street.

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    Urban Outfitters

    This departmental shop has numerous products including clothes of men & women, shoes, accessories, electronic equipment, gift and bikes on reasonable prices. People can find all products from there. Urban Outfitters is situated at 42-56 Earlham Street in London.

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    Top Shop

    Top Shop is recognized as a trend setter and has an incredible collection of clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup in its departmental shop. They add 300 new styles each week by  considering the demand of their customers. This departmental shop can be found at London West End.

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    Heal’s is selling outstanding range of products including furniture, lighting, accessories and gifts through its six shops and one online shop. Heal’s also has two cafes to fh facilitate people  so they can relax after shopping. This department shop is situated on Tottenham Court Road.

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    Muji sells simple products at cheap prices to facilitate the local residents; including clothing, stationery, electronics, bags, shoes, accessories, skin and health care products. Muji has twelve departmental shops throughout United Kingdom and in London, people can find it at 187 Oxford Street.

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    TK Maxx

    TK Maxx has a large chain of departmental shops throughout the world and it sells a vast collection of designer clothes, shoes, gift cards and accessories at 60% off retail prices. Some of the stock on sale is new and some is outdated, but it is clearly mentioned on them. This shop is on Charing Cross Road in London.

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    Decathlon can be found in London at Surrey Quays Road in London, selling quality products at reasonable prices. This is a major reason of its success amongst the locals as well as tourists who flock the area.

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    Ikea Edmonton

    Ikea Edmonton has everything under one roof which people need, ranging from clothing, furniture, home accessories, and food. This departmental shop is located at Glover Drive Enfield in London, making it easily accessible.

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    Cath Kidston

    Cath Kindston has various collections of products that are available in vast ranges. They also organize events and festivals in the surroundings of their newly opened stores by involving people in entertaining activities.

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    Wilkinson has large range of high quality products that include home furnishings, household appliances, garden furniture, baby care, toys, bikes, leisure, pets and more. They employ skilled staff that provides excellent services to people to improve their shopping experience. Wilkinson is located in Broadway in London.

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    Argos is a market leader in home and merchandising products. It has a large network of multi channel departmental shops. This shop is the best place to find all products that people need, ranging from clothing to gardening products. Argos can be found on Camden High Street in London.

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