Difference Between a Leopard and a Cheetah

Leopard and a Cheetah

Many people are unaware that there is a considerable difference between the appearance and the physical attributes of a cheetah and a leopard. The basic difference is in the appearance of the two carnivores. Cheetahs have round spots on their body whereas leopards have rosette-shaped markings on their body. Other major differences include their physicality, habitat and hunting techniques.

Leopards like to climb trees and are physically stronger to cheetahs whereas the latter is one of the fastest animals on earth. Cheetahs also have a relatively leaner body structure and are taller than the leopards.

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    Cheetahs have solid round and oval shaped spots on the skin and they also have tear lines from the eye to their mouth which the leopards do not have. These type of carnivores are leaner and are taller as compared to leopards. Their height and leaner body allows them to run at a high speed to catch their prey.

    Cheetahs prefer to stay on the plains and usually stalk their prey while standing on rock piles. They hunt for their prey in the light of the sun and generally prefer to run after their victims to try to knock them off balance. This is because they are one of the fastest animals on the planet and their speed is a great advantage. They go for the throat of their prey to kill them and would give their all to get what they want.

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    The spots on the skin of both the carnivores are the main difference between the two. Leopards have rosette-shaped markings on their skin which differentiates them from the cheetahs. The markings are not mostly in a consistent pattern. Leopards have relatively muscular bodies and are physically strong. They have shorter legs and paws that are wide which allows them to reach up to trees.

    Leopards prefer to hunt in the dark after they stalk their prey throughout the course of the day. They like to catch their prey from a shorter distance and take their victims on top of trees after killing them.

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