Difference Between Aided and Unaided Colleges

Owing to the expansion of the education sector worldwide, there are a variety of educational institutions that are operative today. While years back, the term college was sufficient, now it can be sub-divided into a variety of types, and two such types are aided and unaided colleges. While both types of institutions focus primarily on imparting education, there are certain differences in the way they are run.

The biggest difference between the two is in terms of funds. Aided colleges are granted aid and funds from the government of the country to which they belong, while unaided colleges get no such financial assistance, and are completely self-funded. Thus, aided colleges have the support of the government as far as finances are concerned, and receive sponsorships in matters of infrastructure development and academic activities. However, unaided colleges operate privately, and have no such support from the government.

Owing to the source of funds, the unaided colleges always have a greater amount of autonomy and freedom. Since they are self-funded, they have no liabilities, and can do pretty much anything they want – determining the rules and the administration of the college are entirely up to them. However, aided colleges, since they are funded by the government, will always need to keep any directives from the government in mind, and are not free to make any changes without permission.

The fact that one type of college is aided, while the other is unaided, leads to another point of difference between the two – the fee structure. In order to keep the institute up and running, unaided colleges often charge heavy fees from their students. Aided colleges, however, are only allowed to take the fees that are stipulated by the government, leading to lower fees and thus, a larger student population.

It is a similar matter as far as the payment of teachers’ salaries is concerned. Teachers that work for aided colleges will be paid by the government, and this entails more job security. However, teachers in unaided colleges will be paid by the management, and there is little to no protection in this job.


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    Aided college

    An aided college, also known as a government college in some countries, is an educational institution which is fully or partially funded by the government. In return for the funds, the college will come under the authority of the government. Since the fees in these institutes are fairly low, these colleges tend to be popular, and are attended by a large amount of students.

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    Unaided college

    An unaided college, also known as a private college in some countries, is an institute which does not receive any financial aid or support from the government. It is fully self-funded, and takes care of every expense on its own. Free to come up with their own rules and regulations, unaided colleges charge fees that tend to be on the high side, and are considered exclusive institutes.

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