Difference Between Allah and Jesus

Allah and Jesus are two completely different things. The two of them cannot be called and described as persons or beings as they are much more than that. Many religions don’t believe and keep faith in Allah but the ones that do keep and preserve the highest post for him. In religion Islam ALLAH is the one who made the universe, the entire of it and no one is given more value than ALLAH. In Christianity, Jesus is described as the son of ALLAH and is also shown much gratitude.


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    ALLAH is the creator of the entire universe and is regarded as the highest authority in the entire Universe. As He is the creator so he is answerable t0o none where as we are answerable to the supreme authority, that is ALLAH. Different religions have their own sets of views and opinions on the matter and the beliefs change significantly with the change in the religion. These beliefs are very diverse and can change as we move from one religion to the other. In the religion of Islam for example, the Jesus Christ is considered as the apostle of ALLAH. Allah sent the Christ to his men with certain powers so that he can guide them towards the right way and teach them the teachings of the religion that is correct and has more values than the one that they already practiced.

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    When the Christ came to the earth, the people were in an air of ignorance and he was given some special attributes by the grace of ALLAH that made him far superior to the other normal human beings. Christ had the power at his hand and had the miracle of curing people from any illness. Even reports dated back to the time suggest that the Christ used to make dead people rise and make them alive after giving them life by the grace of ALLAH. All this was done by the apostle of ALLAH because of the powers that were allotted to him by ALLAH almighty.

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    In the religion of Christianity, Christ is given special importance and is portrayed as the son of ALLAH. The religion Islam condemns this fact and the belief of their counter religion and can argue on the fact due to their very own teaching on the matter that ALLAH has no son and has no father and is sole in his attributes and creation and is also unique.

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