Difference Between Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation are used interchangeably in work field, but can have different implications in factors such as time, focus and preparation.

Assessment generally takes place at the beginning or in the middle of any project. For a company, it will first assess the validity of the project and will then look ways to improve it as the project wears on.

Evaluation, on the other hand, usually occurs after the assessment period and gauges whether the project has been beneficial or not.

Assessment’s main purpose is to improve the overall efficiency during the course of the work. For instance, assessment is the whole process of gathering information, understanding the loop holes and taking measures to eradicate it. After the end of the journey, activity or project, evaluation will take place, effectively being a snap shot of the whole process, which will enable individuals to decide whether the goals have been realized or not.

For instance, teachers will take assessment as a way to achieve something. They will first asses the objectives of the class, and take appropriate measures to ensure that students improve on their academic achievements. This will incorporate different approaches on how a topic must be taught and gauge the response of the students at periodic level, such as monthly assignments, quizzes etc. If the results are adequate, the same learning process will be carried out before a final examination takes place. However, if the results are not satisfactory, teachers may then incorporate various different approaches to ensure that the intended goals are met. At the end of the year, an evaluation will take place, where marks will be assigned upon completion of the course. It will depict a clearer picture of whether a change has been realized in the student’s thinking patterns and overall academic response.

Simply, assessment will be objective in nature while evaluation will be considered as judgmental, or will reflect outcome of the whole assessment process.


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    It is the overall process of estimating the nature, quality and ability of an individual, object, activity or project. Assessment can take various forms such as formative, summative, standardized and performance based.

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    It is a structured representation of the impact of a project, proposal or result, using a defined set of standards. It‘s primary purpose is to gain valuable knowledge or insight into the overall findings of a problem so that one can take future measures to look for possible solutions.

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