Difference between Basset Hound and Bloodhound

Many people get confused in differentiating basset hound with bloodhound and consider these two terms for the same breed of dogs. However, they are completely wrong as basset hound and bloodhound are two completely different breeds and they cannot be considered as the same in any aspect. No doubt that both basset hound and bloodhound have similar behaviour but they have many differences including their physical appearance and places of origin.

The ears of the basset hound are considerably longer as compared to the ears of bloodhounds. Basset hounds are light in weight as they are usually comprised on 20-30 kilograms while bloodhounds are much heavy as they usually comprise on 40-50 kilograms. Basset hounds usually live longer as compared to the bloodhounds that have not that long life. Basset hounds have their origin from France and Great Britain while bloodhounds were initially bred in Belgium. Basset hounds usually eat less as compared to the bloodhounds that have a considerably big diet. Keep reading to learn more details about basset hounds and bloodhounds.


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    Basset Hound:

    Basset hound belongs to a hound family of dogs having all features including the long drooping ears. They were initially bred in France and Great Britain and people from these countries used to raise these dogs for the purpose of hunting. The average weight of a basset hound is between 20 to 30 kilograms and in some exceptional cases it can go up to 35 kilograms. Basset hounds have short legs but a round solid and long body that makes them very good at hunting. The neck of a basset hound is apparently loosening because of dewlaps but its muscles are very strong. Basset hound has short hairs on its coat and also has a sad looking face. People bring puppies of basset hounds and raise them as pets.

    - Image Courtesy: upload.wikimedia.org

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    Bloodhound is one of the most common breeds of hound family and it has its origin from Belgium. The body size of a bloodhound is considerably big and its average weight is between 40 to 50 kilograms which makes one of the biggest breeds in dogs. Bloodhounds have an extraordinary smelling power that makes them deadly hunters. They are also adepts in identifying smell of human body which makes them one of the most valuable dogs for police and armed forces as well. Bloodhounds have very strong bones that make them powerful dogs. They have fur on their coat that looks rough. The average age of a bloodhound is about seven years which makes this breed one of the shortest lived dogs on the planet.

    - Image Courtesy: largedogbreedsguide.com

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