Difference between Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd

There are numerous dog breeds found all over the world and people love keeping them as pets. These animals are loyal to human beings and they can even sacrifice their lives in order to protect their owners.

Some people simply keep dogs because they love them whereas others want them for hunting. Other than that, there are several other things why you should have a dog at your home. One of the most important ones is that the dogs provide you security and they will start barking, if some stranger is trying to get into your premises.

Moreover, some people love racing, so they take their dogs to greyhound racing events and other dog shows, to win some prize money.

Two of the most loyal dog breeds are the Belgian Malinois and the Dutch Shepherd. Both of them have different characteristics and are found in separate parts of the world. If you study them properly, you will be able to find out various dissimilarities between them. Some of them are visible and even a child can identify them easily.

Judging by their names, you can point out the first difference between these two dog breeds immediately. The Dutch Shepherd is found in the Netherlands, thus it has been given this name. On the other hand, the Belgian Malinois is from Belgium and you can find it from that part of the world quite easily.

Talking about the breed of both dogs, the Dutch Shepherd is considered to be a full breed animal whereas the Malinois is not a pure breed. It is known to be a variety of the Belgian Shepherd, which is also a full breed dog.

Although the size difference is not much between these two dog breeds, yet the Malinois is considered to be larger than the Dutch Shepherds. However, the latter of the two has got a powerful build and appears to be quite strong and muscular.

While the Dutch Shepherds are available mostly in golden or silver brindle colours, the Malinois can be found in different colours. The latter of the two has a lot of variety, so it can be difficult to identify them.


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    Belgian Malinois

    Known for extra long hair on the neck, the Belgian Malinois is a friendly dog and can be kept as a pet without any fears. Moreover, it can be trained to detect explosives as well.

    Image Courtesy: www.dailypuppy.com

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    Dutch Shepherd

    This dog breed is quite rare, but comes in three different varieties with short, long and rough hair. This dog breed is a great companion and can serve as a wonderful guard.

    Image Courtesy: www.savedbydogs.com

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