Difference Between BFA and BA in Theatre

There are many ways to get a formal education of arts. Most students go for BA and BFA. Though, both degrees equip the students with basic knowledge of arts but still there is a slight difference between them.

Almost everyone knows that BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and BFA is a short form of Bachelor of Fine Arts but there are very few who understand that BFA is a quicker route to the profession. BA is relatively a general degree whereas the other has more courses.

However, the difference between them also differs amongst institutions.


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    BA or Bachelor of Arts is a degree which covers more theoretical subjects about humanities and arts. The art subjects like literature and linguistics are usually just 30 percent of the total curriculum. The remaining work is distributed between general and elective subjects.

    Though, this degree does not give its students an opportunity to take many fine arts courses but still it is really a good choice for those who do not want to confine themselves to few subjects. BA is the best option for those who want to broaden their view about arts and literature.

    One can get admission if he/she has twelve years of education. Almost every Degree College and University arranges classes of BA and students have to show up three or four times in a week.

    The learning process is that the students do most of their learning outside the class. Mostly, there is more discussion in the classes instead of art related activities.

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    Bachelor of Fine Arts is a degree that prepares its students for certain performance fields like theatre and music. In this degree, the fine arts subjects are 60 to 80 percent of the total curriculum. The remaining coursework is dedicated to other general subjects.

    As this degree favours a conservatory approach to performing arts training so this is a good choice only for those who are certain that they will pursue this as a serious profession.

    One needs to clear intermediate level of education to get enrolled in a Degree College or University. As BFA covers more profession oriented subjects so classes meet daily for an hour or two.

    The learning processĀ is very interesting in this degree as students do most of their learning through assignments and projects. Though theory is also involved but it is lot less as compared to a regular BA degree.

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