Difference Between BlackBerry and iPhone

Blackberry and iPhone are two of the most of popular mobile phones being used by large number of people across the world. Both Blackberry and iPhone are multifunctional phones, having several applications (apps) and new technology. If you are planning to purchase a multifunctional mobile phone, it may get very hard for you to decide which of the two phones you should go for.

Look: both phones are great, but iPhone has more stylish models than Blackberry. However, Blackberry’s latest model is far trendier than the old ones.

Email service: When it comes to messaging and email service, Blackberry outsmarts its rival iPhone. You can use Microsoft Exchange on Blackberry to send hassle-free emails. While with iPhone, it usually takes at least ten minutes to receive a new email. Blackberry is by far the most reliable phone for messaging.

Entertainment: iPhone clearly beats Blackberry when it comes to entertainment, cool gadgets, and games. Blackberry is more of a professional phone used by people whose job is to communicate.


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    BlackBerry is a kind smartphone created in 1999. The cell phone was first unveiled under the name of RIM—and in 2002, it switched its name to BlackBerry. BlackBerry phones are manufactured by the Canadian company, Research In Motion (RIM), using the proprietary operating system Blackberry OS.

    The technology BlackBerry employs allows the user to receive and send emails easily. The phone is used to receive all types of notifications push mode, that is to say, in real time, without needing to connect to a server. The user is constantly connected to the network for sending and receiving emails. You can use more than half a dozen email accounts.  BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is also great for instant messaging and receiving notifications from social media like Facebook or Twitter.

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    iPhone is also a line of smart phones (smartphones) marketed by Apple Inc. since 2007. iPhone has unveiled several models so far. The interface for iPhone has been designed around a multi-touch touchscreen (multi-touch), a camera that also functions as a camera, a built-in iPod, an Internet client (to browse the Web or check their e-mail), and basic functions such as texting (SMS) and MMS.

    The phone also has visual voicemail and the App Store, which allows you to download applications, different games and use social networking. In September 2012, there are over 700,000 apps available for the iOS platform. iPhone’s sales have grown exponentially over the past few months.

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