Difference Between Cellphone and Smartphone

When you go into a mall and take a survey of what type of phone people are using. Nine out of ten of these people will show you their smartphones. It is strange that within few years, several people have switched to smartphones.  The features of smartphones are very attractive  and they even cost 95 per cent of its total price tag. However, they have only a little value to smartphone. This is because without the option of calling, no one will buy the smartphone.


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    Just like your computer whether PC or MAC, in a smartphone you can upload games, applications, files and several other stuff. You can do your school or work assignment, can send business applications, can record make or send/receive music files and can literally do anything. You can visit your social networking sites, synchronise your smartphone and receive their birthday alerts or any other alerts. In smartphones, you can download or access several kinds of applications, widgets and even a GPS system. In case you are lost, you can use your GPS system to find your way. You simply pick which application you want and make your own unique version of handset.

    Cellphone on the other hand do not have any software. They simply have a menu for call or contact purposes.

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    A standard cellphone only has number keys on which alphabets are imprinted. For smartphones, you have keyboards which is the mandatory. You either have a physical keyboard or virtual keyboard on the touch screen.

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    A cellphone can only send and receive a text message. However, smartphones can do a lot more besides texting. You can send emails from several accounts and even message on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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    Normal cellphones have games such as snake or tetris. They are addictive but you don’t have any other options. You are forced to play the same games all the time and cannot add any new games.

    On smartphones on the other hand, you can download any game you like on your iOS software, android, symbian files or from internet. These games have almost full features of original games that came on your Playstation, Xbox 360 or any other gaming consoles. If you are X-Men or Spiderman fan, you can download their official game from your respective provider. These games are huge and look real.

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