Difference Between Christians and Muslims Beliefs

Believers of Christianity and Islam are different in many ways. Christians adhere to Christianity while Muslims adhere to Islam. Christian believers and Muslims also have different superior beings that they compliment. Christian believers compliment God whereas the Muslims compliment Allah. Another distinction between these two spiritual supporters is the place where the worship. While Muslims go to mosque to pray five times every day, Christians worship their God in a church. The Muslims and Christians also have a different perception when it comes to the individual that they consider as their prophet or Jesus.


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    While Christians consider Jesus as the saviour of mankind, the Muslims believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As for their preachers, Muslims follow the Imam and the Christians follow the priest. The Muslims and Christians have a different icon in their religions as well. While the Muslims use the star and the crescent as the sign of their religion, Christians sign of religion is the cross. Furthermore, both religions have difference in the scriptures they believe upon. Muslims follow the Quran and the Christians follow the guidelines provided by the Bible.

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    Muslims and Christians have variations when it comes to their sub-religions as well. Although both Muslims and Christians have various areas or religious sectors, when it comes to values, their sub-religions vary as well apart from their primary values. Roman Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Traditional Chapels are the main religious sectors in Christianity. On the other hand, Muslims adhere to Sufi Islam, Shia Islam or Sunni Islam.

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    Muslims display their belief and worship Allah through the five pillars of Islam including faith in Allah as the only God or being, Salah (prayer), fasting (Ramazan), Zakat (almsgiving) and Hajj in Mecca, Saudia Arabia (pilgrimage). Faith in Allah, Salah, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj must be practiced by every Muslim. Christians, on the other hand, follow several creeds that show their faith in Jesus and God. Christians also have several holy sacraments including the Holy Orders, Confession, Anointing of the Stick, Confirmation and Baptism.  There is also a huge difference between the Muslims and Christians when it comes to the set of prayers. While Muslims pray five times a day, Christians have their own religious obligations.

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    Islam and Christianity are also the two most followed religions in the world. They have also fought several wars against each other.

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