Difference Between Cocaine and Amphetamine

Cocaine and amphetamine are not similar drug forms as their composition is different. Many people however, are confused and tend to say that these two kinds of drugs are the same as they may have the same effect on the body. Sure, both cocaine and amphetamines will definitely get you ‘high’, but the way they are made and the exact affect they have on the body is the main difference. Let’s not forget that both drugs are considered as narcotics and are illegal in most countries. Both drug forms vary through specific mechanisms of how they are manufactured or produced. Though the general effect is sort of the same but still you cannot just say that both drugs are identical. Cocaine, which derived from the coca plant and has crystal-like form while Amphetamine, is a form of drug which is made chemically, induces euphoria and increase the level of alertness in one’s body. Basically cocaine has a natural derivative and amphetamines are unnatural chemicals put together. This is the basic difference between cocaine and amphetamines.


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    With the main difference of mechanisms, cocaine is very different from amphetamines. Before you describe all the properties of cocaine, you need to understand that it is derived from the coca plant. However, most people feel that cocaine itself is a chemical and can be produced through the right chemistry, which is not true. If you talk about the effects and the mechanism of action of this form of drug, you will understand that the confusion among people will remain as both drugs especially cocaine gives or provides you with some-kind of feeling of elation or euphoria with extraordinary pace.

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    On the other hand, unlike many that think amphetamines is related to cocaine and similar to cocaine. You will need to know that this form of drug, unlike cocaine which cannot be produced chemically, can be produced chemically using several methods and some pretty decent chemistry skills. Inducing euphoria and alertness is one thing but giving relief in different levels of fatigue is something very positive which this form of drug does as compare to cocaine which has large amount of addictive substances as well. Many doctors also believe that with the passage of time and greater ways to get information from all sorts of different sources, this is very important that people must differentiate with many things which often are related to each as they not at all same.

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