Difference Between Core i5 and Corei7 Processors

There is no comparison between the latest computer and the one that was released at the end of 20th century. The technology has significantly changed the speed of the computer. Core i5 and Corei7 are two modern processors, but with plenty of differences.

Corei7 is the latest processor that offers nearly double speed than Corei5.

Corei5 offers dual and quad-core choices, while the other processor is split into quad- and six-cores. It means that there is a massive difference between the speeds of these two processors.

As far as the data transfer speed is concerned, the i5 processor can achieve nothing more than rates of 2.5 and 5 gigatransfers per second. The i7 processors with Intel’s Direct Media Interface have the same rate; however, the ones with the company’s QuickPath Interconnect link could produce data transfer speed as high as 6.4GT per second.

There is also a big difference between the Smart Cache of these two processors. The Smart Cache is a very tiny chip that helps the processor access the computer’s data. The Corei5 has cache choices from 3MB to 8MB. On the other hand, the i7’s chip offers cache choices from 4MB to 12MB. But, it has more power consumption.


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    Core i5

    Corei5 offers no more than quad-core choices. It came with the 45-nanometer manufacturing process, but the post-2010 chips use the smaller 32-nm manufacturing process.

    The speed ranges of the i5 are 1.06 GHz to 3.6 GHz. As far as the power consumption is concerned, this processor does not prove expensive. Its maximum power consumption is 95 watts.

    A lot of computer manufacturing companies prefer this processor in their machines, because it is not as expensive as Corei7. It has the "Turbo Boost" feature that was a part of the older processors.

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    Corei7 is the latest thing in the area of processors. This processor has entirely changed the picture, providing the user excellent speed and interface. Since it is leading the market, the prices are equally high.

    The latest models of almost every computer manufacturing company have this processor. With the highest power consumption of 130 watts, the i7 offers cache choices up to 12MB. However, you need to have the latest Extreme Edition chip to enjoy the highest speed.

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