Difference Between Elliptical and Cross Trainer

When it comes to getting into shape or maintaining your fitness level, things are not always as easy as they seem, especially because of the unlimited types of machines people find when going to the gym. Every machine has a specific purpose and is not the same. However, understanding the difference between an Elliptical and Cross Trainer is important to get the most out of your workout.

Talking about the elliptical and cross trainer, both machines have one single purpose, which is to provide the user to perform cardio exercise and in return, lose weight. A cross trainer is a type of elliptical and can be classified as one, but the major difference between the two is surely the fact that they work out different muscle groups.

Adjustable handles are also a major difference when it comes to cross trainers because of the difference with the motion of the upper body. An elliptical has handles that are usually not adjustable and come fixed. With the adjustable handles, a cross trainer is seen to be more effective when it comes to working out both the arms and legs, instead of the elliptical, which focuses just on the lower body. This also results in the chest, shoulders and back being improved through the use of a cross trainer. When using an elliptical, you can expect your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes to be worked out.

If someone is not looking to work out their upper body the best option to go with is to use the elliptical. A cross trainer is a better option to go when wanting to have an overall workout, which will also result in the burning of calories on a higher level.


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    A machine which is used to primarily work out the legs without putting pressure on anything else is known as an elliptical. With such machines, depending on how they have been made, you can either sit upright or stand in a straight manner while working out your legs.

    - Image Courtesy: fitnesszone.com

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    Cross Trainer

    A much more effective exercise machine that focuses on the arms and legs due to its adjustable handles is known as the cross trainer. This machine basically mimics the workout that you would get if you were running cross country style.

    - Image Courtesy: exercise.com

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