Difference between Heels and Stilettos

Fashion has become a whole different world with an unlimited variety of clothing from a huge array of designers suiting each and every budget or demand. Along with that, fashion has not remained limited to just clothing but also hand bags and even to designers who specifically focus on shoes for men and women.

For women, it is not always easy making out the difference on what to wear when it comes to talking about heels and stilettos because both items are so fashionable and trendy. Choosing one almost seems impossible at times. High heels and stilettos have become one of the most widely recognised trends when it comes to footwear for women and while men may think that they are extremely uncomfortable to wear but there is a universal understanding on how sexy they make women look.


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    Heels are the part of shoes that gives balance and support. High heels are popular and have been around for quite a long time. The main difference between heels and stilettos is the fact that the latter has a higher heel which is usually much thinner and longer. Pumps on the other hand, also have a higher heel but it is usually wider in size and can be used to make a shoes appearance change altogether.

    Both types of shoes are used in different occasions as heels are now seen to be more casual and formal at times while stilettos bring out that party girl mindset and makes a girl look attractive and sexy. Stilettos are more of a party shoe as compared to heels and since it looks more like a dagger, it just adds more of a taboo look that makes a woman extremely desirable. Stilettos can range anywhere from being one inch in height to 10 inches while they can also be as slender as 5 mm.

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    Heels are the part of a shoe which give balance and can be short or high in length. They are usually wide and can be as tall as the designer or customer requires them to be.

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    Those high heels which have a much higher heel and one that is considerably thinner is known to be a stiletto. They are used to make a woman look much more attractive and sexy along with being used as a party shoe.

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