Difference Between Human Right and Freedom

As human beings are becoming more understanding of basic needs, there is a greater stress of human rights and freedom. The United Nations has been stressing upon the importance of providing human beings with their basic rights for nearly seven decades now and has been successful in bringing about change for the better in many areas of the world.

There are some difference between human rights and freedoms. The two terms are pretty close but are often used together. The difference is quite simple to understand and can be furthered clarified through some basic information.


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    A human right is a right that each person has being a human. These are the rights a person acquired by birth and no one can take these away in any kind of circumstances from the person. A freedom on the other hand can be a right that is not basic in nature and allowing it will be at the secretion of the government in the given country. If they allow it, there is no issue but if they do not, they cannot be blamed for it.

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    Following a religion is the basic human right of each person. No one can stop them from exercising this right and if someone does it, it is against the law. On the other hand, there can be some freedoms that can be given as well. For example, giving special allowances such as days off on the basis of religion may not be classified beyond a certain point as a freedom and is at the discretion of the given government.

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    Voting is a basic human right. Denying it to anyone is the violation of that right. However, not making it a must for everyone to vote is a freedom. Many countries such as Australia have made it mandatory for every citizen to vote, even if it has to be done through an absentee ballot. One the other hand, the citizens of US have the freedom to vote or not depending on what they feel like doing.

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    Speaking out one’s mind is a basic human right but it should be in an articulate manner and should not contain a hate speech against anyone. However, if the speech of any kind is allowed and very little policing is done, this is the freedom of speech. It is not a must as too much freedom in this regard can lead to a lot of problems and can create discord in society.

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