Difference Between Karate and Judo

Both judo and karate are different most common and popular sports in martial arts and they are of Japanese origin. Many people have misconception in identifying both games and they think that there is no difference between karate and judo. But both of these sports have different characteristics that differentiate them greatly from each other. Karate falls in the category of hard martial arts and judo can be termed as soft martial arts. Karate is the purely offensive of attacking styled sport whereas judo is a defensive sport. Keep reading to know the difference between karate and judo.


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    The most important aspect of karate martial arts is that the participants or contestants adopt an attacking style to earn points and they use kicks and punches on their opponents.

    On the other hand, the main characteristic of judo martial arts is that it is a completely defensive game in which no kicks or punches are allowed and the contestants always try to defend themselves for earning points.

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    Blows are the most commonly used weapon in karate and both contestants try to hit hard to each other in order to win a fight.

    However, the contestants in judo always try to wrap each other and the one who puts his or her opponent down on the ground emerges as the winner.

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    Karate is one of the most offensive or attacking sports in martial arts because it involves a lot of attacking techniques and people hit their opponents with blows and kicks.

    Judo is a purely defensive sport in martial arts and both contestants always try to manipulate the weaknesses of their rivals and their sole objective is to destabilise their each other by wrapping or pushing them down to the ground.

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    The point system of both karate and judo is completely different from each other. In Karate, the contestants earn points with their kicks and blows whereas in judo, the contestants earn points by grappling, trapping, wrapping and throwing each other to the ground.

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    In karate, the contestants need to hit their opponent hard and earn points by hitting opponents in certain areas like chest.

    On the contrary, the judo contestants do not use kicks or punches as it is prohibited. They only try to grab and grapple each other in order to destabilise each other and the only objective is to throw the opponent on the ground.

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