Difference Between Management and Administration

Many people get confused by thinking that management and administration are interchangeable and they believe that the functions of both of these terminologies are the same. However, with close observation or evaluation, one can easily identify that these are two different terms and also have different functions. Administration always deals with the policy making and goal setting while management’s main function is the implement those policies in order to achieve goals which are already set by the administration. If you want to know more about the difference between management and administration then continue reading this post.


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    Administration performs all sorts of determinative functions by making all sorts of policies and also sets up organisational goals that need to be achieved.

    On the other hand, management performs executive functions is to work on the practical aspects of things and it implements the policies of administration in order to achieve the goals in an effective and efficient manner.

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    Administration works in a larger way as it takes all important decisions on the behalf of the whole organisation which makes it supreme authority.

    In contrast, management works in a limited and defined framework and its core objective is to put all policies into practice in a way that helps in fulfilling the organisational goal.

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    Administration always works at the top level and considering this, it plays a vital role for the whole organisation by setting up all important directions for all employees.

    Management, on the other hand, is a middle level activity in which the employees put in their best efforts to live up to the expectations of the administration.

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    Usually administration comprises on the owners and share holders of the organisation and they invest money or bring investment in the projects.

    On the other hand, management comprises on a team of managers who are the employees of the organisation and are hired by the administration for getting organisational goals.

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    Administration is usually a department which works in military, government, educational and religious organisations.

    On the contrary, management is a department which is more common in business organisations or enterprises.

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    Administration always works to organise the key factors including opinion shaping and also in handing over different tasks to the management.

    While management puts in its managerial skills and expertise for practically implementing the policies of the administration in order to get success.

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