Difference Between Open Source and Free Software

Open source and free software are often considered as the same terminologies. However, there is a big difference between the two terms which are related to the field of information technology. First of all, you must know that every Free Software is Open Source Software, but every Open Source Software is not Free Software.

The Open Source Software permits the coder much more control over the programme as compared to Free Software. Furthermore, it can easily work with other software through integration. On the other hand, Free Software never allows any kind of integration with other software.


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    Open Source

    Open source is basically a philosophy or we can say a pragmatic methodology which tends to promote free access and redistribution of software. This philosophy gained a lot of attention amongst potential software developers and programmers worldwide who took great interest in introducing new codes in the software to make it more user-friendly. It completely discouraged the environment of licensing, copyright and domain to promote more profound and free IT experience.

    The most common open source software include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromium, Apache OpenOffice Suite and Android. Although, the development of open source software has been quite unstructured as any programmer around the globe can make considerable changes and advancements in the codes of the programme. However, there has been a significant development in the field of open source software and users are enjoying some amazing features in the latest software as compared to older versions.

    In the recent years, the coordination and communication amongst the open source software developers have increased to a great extent and they are working in a much better way.

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    Free Software

    It is also known as libre software or software libre. It is a software which tends to respect the freedom of users including the private as well as the corporate ones by granting them the rights to use a particular programme to fulfil their requirements. You can download and install the software without paying any kind of consideration.

    Moreover, there is no need to renew the license of using the software as it is free to use at any time. However, no developments are made in the software as the coder is not allowed to make any changes to the programme to make it more efficient with the passage of time.

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