Difference between Parameter and Statistic

There is a big difference between parameter and statistics and while many people around the world live with the common misconception that parameter and statistics are one and the same thing, they actually are quite wronged about the fact. The two things are completely different in nature and are used for totally separate calculation scenarios. The things have a use in the mathematic field and have separate fields of studies in which these are taught to the students. Many people these days have common interests in the field of math and they pursue further studies in the branch that has so much to teach the students. One of the basic branches of math is geometry and this is the one branch that almost all the people in the field of math relish to study. Well, besides geometry, there are many more sciences of math and its branches that have separate study scenarios and the most common of these are the parameter and statistics. Parameter is the study of math in which a whole separate branch is studied. It has its own calculation and techniques through which people can get to learn about this relatively new branch of math. It is not like geometry and the people don’t have to deal much with the shapes of the figures. This branch of math, which is called the parameter, has nothing to do with the calculations regarding the figures and hence the people who have their interests in math but not geometry, they are best suited to have a say in this particular branch of math. Similarly like parameter, statistics is also a main branch of math and it also has several studies done upon it which shows that it is entirely a study of different type than geometry and even parameter. In the field of statistics, the thing that the students have to study is the basic properties of the data that is gathered by any such survey. In this the most common type of study is related to calculating the mean, the median and the mode of the data.


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    Parameter is a branch of math in which we get to know about the study of the sides of a figure.

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    In statistics, we have to study about the mean, median and mode of the data that has been calculated or taken from any survey which has been conducted and hence we can get the most frequent values of this study.

    - Image Courtesy: statcan.ga.ca

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