Difference Between Realtor and Broker

The world of real estate is definitely one that is more complex than it seems as there are a number of formalities that need to be taken care of and cannot be dealt by the home owner alone. This is where the need of realtors and brokers arises, and in order to get the best deal, hiring their services can mean the difference from going into a serious loss, to making a profit on the house you may have bought recently or many, many years back.

Members of a trade association, in this case The National Association of Realtors (NAR), makes a person known to the world as a realtor, or even called a real estate agent in many localities. Brokers on the other hand are those who may be running a firm full of realtors and work deals out between both parties when the need arises to sell a piece of land off.

Keeping the interests in mind of the buyer is what the buyer’s realtor will do, along with the fact that the seller will have his interests kept safe with the agent of his choice.


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    An individual person or party that works both with the buyer and seller to get a deal done on some specific property is known as a broker. Brokers can also become buyers and sellers themselves, making them a principal party in this case.

    Brokers may not be found everywhere, but in the countries of North America, they are widely seen to mediate deals between a buyer and seller and ultimately keep a fix commission for themselves or for the firm that they are working for. Most of the time, a broker is seen to be representing the seller more than he or she may be in the position of the buyer.

    The advantages of using a broker is that they have vast experience in the field and their connections to sell and buy property immediately makes them a great choice.

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    When real estate agents plan on moving up in the field of real estate, they ultimately become realtors which is a designation that they are entitled for after becoming members of the National Association of Realtors. Agents do not have to become members if they are not willing, but in order to become a realtor, it is necessary. Realtors work as salespersons that are either selling property or representing a party that is looking to buy.

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