Difference Between Socialism and Anarchism

Socialism is basically an economic system in which the society or general public equally owns the resources of the country and people work collectively for the development of society. Whereas, anarchism is a completely different political ideology in which people work for their own good and they form groups in order to make as much wealth as possible. Although both systems support the equality of all people but their views about the role of each individual in the productivity is entirely different. If you want to know the difference between socialism and anarchism then keep reading this post.


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    Socialism always supports to promote common good or promotion of the society through the collective efforts of all individuals. In this system all members of the society work for the betterment of the society.

    However, the followers of anarchism believe in the freedom of individual growth. In this political system, people always look for their own benefit and personal interest replaces the interest of the whole society.

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    In socialism, the public representative who are elected by the general people, regulate the affairs of the state. These representatives make rules for the society and people always follow these rules for the greater good of society.

    On the contrary, the followers of anarchism think that there should not be any government believing that people should govern themselves without having the restrictions of government.

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    Followers of socialism consider the government as a powerful body that safeguards the rights of all individuals and sets up clear rules that no one can violate.

    On the other hand, anarchists think the government makes people weak and weak people cannot be good for the development of a society. They want individual freedom which should be free from all sorts of restrains or restrictions.

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    In socialism, individuals have the right to own property but there are certain restrictions. Individuals can only own the property that should be used only for private purposes like home and all other necessary things required for a living. However, they cannot own an industry because all industrial property is owned by the state.

    In contrast, anarchism supports the view that individuals can own anything including private and industrial property without having any restriction. In anarchism, there is no limit to the ownership of property and individuals can buy any property or other things without having any limit.

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