Difference Between Structured and Unstructured

The interview process most of the times is pre-planned by the interviewer, and some times is very strictly monitored by the guidelines set by the organization. When a manager goes for an interview, he generally knows what type of information he wants, the difference is usually in how he extracts that from the interviewee. In the human resource department, there are two types of interviews namely the structured interview and the unstructured interview. The candidate will prepare for the interview regardless of the type of interview. However, it is simpler to see how he performs in an unstructured interview while under pressure.

In this kind of interview, you can pursue statements that come up during the interview, even though the interviewer did not had this aspect planned. For example, reasons for quitting previous jobs or information of prior job experiences might not be given in the resume. A structured interview lets the organisation find out what it requires to know if the interviewer is ready to progress to the next round of the interview process. It also eases the interviewer as now he will have all the questions prepared that he needs to ask from the interviewee. This is an effective way for the phone interview and the first interview during the hiring. This way you can eliminate the people who do not have sufficient qualifications. However, unstructured interview is efficient in finding out the personality of the person, how he handles a tight situation along with other minute details.


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    This is when the interviewer has a number of questions written on some paper, and you ask him those questions and note them down word for word. The questions are normally made before the interview, and the other times they are handed to the interviewer by the human resources department. They prefer the structured interviews and take time out for every particular interview. Some interviewers use a general script that has been cleared by the human resources.

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    It is where there might be a script to start things off, but after some time the interviewer will shift to his favourite topics and discard the script given to him. You will note that a few managers use unstructured interviews while conducting business. This is because it helps in analysing a problem that might not have been mentioned in an application or resume but it important with respect to the job.

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