Difference between Technique and Technology

There are a considerable number of people who often get confused with the terms technique and technology and consider these terms as the same. But they are mistaken in their understanding of these terms because technique and technology cannot be used interchangeably in any way whatsoever. With a close evaluation you will be able to identify that these two terms are completely different not only in meaning but in their functionality as well.

Technique is basically a method or style of doing things according to the understanding of different people. On the other hand, technology is the use of scientific principles for getting certain objectives. Different people use different techniques for using the same thing or gadget but the function of a technology remains the same. Techniques can be different from person to person but the technology is nothing more than the application of scientific or technological knowledge. After the production, the use of a technology generally remains the same. On the contrary, people always use different techniques to prove themselves in a certain way or field. For learning more about the technique and technology keep reading this post.


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    Technique is basically a style, way or method of doing all sorts of things and people use different techniques to perform certain tasks. Everyone has his own technique of doing things and sometimes people become innovative in their techniques to complete a certain task in the most efficient and effective manner. Innovative or creative people produce new techniques in order to increase their productivity that makes them distinguished from other people. Technique always depends on your way of thinking and understanding things. You can adopt different techniques for achieving a certain objective and it is the technique that makes some people better than the other.

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    Technology is basically a systematic application of scientific knowledge that enables people to create new and innovative technological inventions. Technology always remains in the process of change as with the passage of time everything becomes updated because the technology experts always remain busy in bringing something new and more productive as compared to all previous inventions. It enhances the living standard of people by providing them different facilities and makes them advanced to cope up with the modern age. Technology has dominated the current era with the invention of many innovative things that have brought revolution in the life of people.

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