Difference Between Toaster and Toaster Oven

Most of us are familiar with a toaster that runs on electricity and is used to make crispy bread with cheese or butter as toppings for breakfast in the morning. Just like a regular toaster, a toaster oven has the ability to toast bread as well as performing other functions such as broiling and baking. The toaster oven also runs on electricity but it slightly bigger in size when compared to the regular toaster. Although toaster and toaster oven have similar names, there are several differences between these two appliances. The iron tray inside the toaster oven can be easily taken out. You can then adjust the toast setting according to your needs to place brown bread pieces on the tray. The timer will notify you when toast is done so you can take the tray out and serve crispy bread pieces.

A large number of people in the West cannot start their day without having toasted bread with butter or cheese in their breakfast meal. We all know there is nothing better than crispy bread with a layer of cheese on it. The electrical device that is used to make the pieces of bread crispy is known as a toaster. Considering the need for preparing crispy bread in every household, toasters have become one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances over the last few years. Top up toasters is another very popular form of toasters that take brown and white bread pieces effectively and efficiently. Toasters today are safe and easy to use.


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    A toaster performs its operations using mechanical and electrical energy. The wire attached to a toaster is used to connect it to an electricity source. Use of a long handled toaster, placed directly over the flame of the stoves, was very common before the invention of the conventional electric toaster. A toaster is small in size and can easily fit on the counter top.

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    Toaster oven

    Toaster oven, on the other hand, is a relatively new technology. As mentioned before, a toaster oven is designed to perform several operations. In addition to toasting the bread, it allows the users to bake and broil food that can be placed on an iron tray inside. This appliance is like having three different devices in one. The toaster oven is considerably larger in size.

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