Difference Between TOEFL and GRE

Educational institutes have always been looking to improve the way they screen students in order to get the very best admitted to their ranks. They have historically considered good grades as the marker but now that is not entirely the case. Aptitude tests are now a norm the world over and most universities are testing students in order to decide whether to give them admission or not. They are not the only criteria to get in to a top college or university but can be of great assistance if your academic record is lacking. There are some standardised tests that are accepted internationally for this purpose. Getting in to a top notch university can be rather difficult unless you properly prepare and pass these aptitude tests.

TOEFL and GRE are two of the more accepted aptitude tests that universities all over the world look to to help screen students and determine their academic abilities. These are two different kinds of tests that are used for various purposes.

TOEFL is an English language test that is prepared in order to check the English language skill and proficiency level of a student. The test looks at a student’s abilities in understanding the English language through various sections.

GRE looks more to analyse the student’s analytical abilities and level of intelligence as well.

TOEFL is generally considered to be easier than GRE by both students as well as educational institutions.


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    Test of English as Foreign Language is a test that is accepted by six thousand educational institutions worldwide in 130 countries. It is based on three different sections based on listening, reading and writing. It is a computer based exam.

    Each section has a specific amount of time in which it must be completed. The scores are valid for two years after which the candidate must retake the exam. In many cases, there are cutoff scores for students who seek admission. In case of a high GRE score but a lower than required TOEFL score, the candidate is automatically rejected.

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    Graduate Record Examinations is used to judge a student’s ability to analyse and the intelligence level he or she possess. It is a computer based test. The test costs between $130 to $210 which can vary in different regions of the world.

    The test is based on verbal, quantitative, analytical and experimental sections. The highest possible score is 170 whereas the lowest possible score is 130.

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