Difference Between Twitter and Facebook

Social Media is an amazing addition to the field of communication. Over the years, the social networking websites have gained massive popularity. And it is considered that the social media has actually become stronger than the traditional mediums.

Facebook and Twitter, both are extremely popular social networking websites, with millions of users. The main purpose of both sites is to provide a way to engage in social networking. However, they use different techniques in this regard.

Facebook is nearly three year older than Twitter. The latter website is all about rapid personal updates, with hardly any privacy. On the other hand, Facebook offers a lot of more privacy. Nobody can add you as friend on Facebook, if you don’t allow. Twitter, on the contrary, is all about following others.

Twitter is particularly for those who want to follow their favourite personalities to stay updated about their activities. Facebook is more like a friend-to-friend contact. Although the option of following is also a part of Facebook, it is not one of the main features.

There is a massive difference between the layout and graphics of these websites. Their logos are entirely unique. As far as the audience is concerned, it has been observed that the older fellows prefer Facebook over Twitter.


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    The website was created by a Harvard student in 2003. Mark Zuckerberg previous experiment of ‘Facemash’ was a huge hit. So, he continued to work on the same idea to create this wonderful website.

    A controversy over its ownership was also seen. Facebook offers in-depth, time consuming methods for its members. Among its popular features are: messaging, poking, and wall posts.

    Its largest area of growth is the 55-plus age group; however, individuals of every age group are among its users.

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    Twitter was established in 2006. It is a direct way of contact with friends, fans and followers. Unlike Facebook, its main purpose is to ensure a nonstop supply of messages between an individual and his/her followers.

    The option of ‘Following’ gives the users to have an immediate alert when an update is posted. Majority of its users are between the ages of 18-34. Interestingly, Twitter is very famously among the teenagers. As compared to Facebook, it is way easier to find people on Twitter.

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