Difference Between Utopia and Dystopia

Utopia and dystopia are both creations of mind; however, while utopia is the concept of a perfect society with social equality, security and justice without any discrimination, the concept of dystopia is the exact opposite, presenting a bleak picture of the world, riddled with social injustice and filled with societies that are all divided on the basis of class systems.  In simple and plain words, utopia is thought to be heaven while dystopia is believed to be hell.

Utopia is a setting where people experience an ideal life and have everything that they could ever wish for; on the other hand, dystopia is a place of grief, where living is extremely difficult and unpleasant, making it something no one would ever wish for.


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    This is nothing more than a fictional place, as a world this ideal and perfect does not and cannot exist. Utopia is basically a society, country, or world which does not have any disease, deaths, discrimination, divides between rich and poor, or domination of women by men, and at the same time has a just and fair legal system, with a compassionate political class devoid of corruption at any level.

    Understandably, such a world is impossible to create; however, this does not prevent writers from thinking about this concept, and writing stories based on their visions of such a blissful place. By writing about utopia, authors usually mean to explore the structural and political dimensions of society.  It is also important to note that the origin of this word lies in the Greek language, where it literally means "no place".

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    This word also comes from the Greek language, carrying the connotations of bad or ill, and was first used by the British during the 19th century as a concept which was the direct opposite of utopia. Dystopia presents a negative picture of an imaginary world which is as bad as can be - this place is divided into a class system, and runs the education system solely for the purpose of maintaining this class and caste difference. Due to this, the society is marked by distinct separations between the ruling class and the working class. The government in Dystopia rules the people with an iron fist, keeps strict tabs on them, and enforces draconian laws. This concept can be equated with the concept of hell and the ultimate demise of mankind. There is no hope in dystopia - only a life of regret and misery. This is a place where there are no rights and the strong can do whatever they desire, with no regard for the weak. In this world, might is right, and there is nothing but injustice and despair everywhere.

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