Difference Between Vocation and Career

Vocation is the work or a profession we adopt for self actualization and not for the sake of earning. On the other hand, the journey of an individual towards learning, and other aspects of life is known as a career. While the word vocation comes from the Latin word ‘vocare’, meaning to call, career comes from the Latin word ‘cart’ which means a race track.

Vocation can be someone’s hobby which becomes his or her profession and in this, the person finds eternal bliss. When the person is at peace both physically and mentally in his/her job then his/her profession is called vocation.

Meanwhile, career which refers to the word race cart, has nothing to do with the modern use of this word. A career is by no means a job as it is a series of jobs that a person may have done through the course of his/her life.


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    The things that we like to learn and do alongside our professional duties are known as vocation. While our earnings do not depend on our vocation, we do these things for self satisfaction and for better understanding of things.

    For example, if you are a mechanic and deal with the hardware, then learning about the software is not part of your job; yet you can do this for your own learning.

    Another example involves you working as a driver. While you are hired for your services of driving vehicles you can become an expert in handling and repairing of the car engine and other mechanical stuff.

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    Career is defined as an individual’s progress through life, where it relates to the person’s working and learning.

    Career is a vast term and can also include a person’s training or a person’s lifework. A sequence of related jobs performed by an individual is considered as career. Changing careers is another important aspect in a person’s life and is considered good for his or her future. The important thing to remember is that the market doesn’t remain the same, it changes and so does the demands from the professionals. A person should have the flexibility to change a career but at the same time use his/her past career to his/her advantage.

    People spend years working hard to make a career for themselves and their hard work pays off when they get promoted and accomplish their objectives.

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