Difference Between Yukata and Kimono

In Japan, there are numerous types of dresses but Yukata and Kimono are two most common ones when it comes to the Japanese traditional clothing. Because of having a traditional clothing status, Yukata and Kimono are very popular in all areas of Japan. However, there are many people who sometimes create confusion by calling both types of dresses as the same. They think that the overall look of Yukata and Kimono is the same but when you can easily differentiate Yukata and Kimono by giving a close look. Keep reading this article to learn more in this regard.


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    First of all, the most important aspect of Yukata dress is that it is made of cotton fabric which is of top quality and very popular in all regions of Japan.

    On the other hand, Kimono dress is made of silk fabric which is more popular for functions. Because of the fine quality and smoothness of silk, people love to wear Kimono dresses in Japan.

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    The Yukata dresses are the most commonly used clothes in summer season because these clothes are very comfortable in the hot weather. Yukata dresses are also used as bathrobes in different places like Hot Springs.

    On the contrary, the Kimono clothes are used in winter season and also the best dressing for functions all over Japan because Japanese people love to wear these silky dresses on different occasions.

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    Yukata clothes are generally designed with a single collar which is just close to the neck. While, Kimono dresses have two collars, one is close to neck whereas the second one is just below the neck.

    While wearing Yukata dresses, it is not necessary to wear socks but Kimono dresses necessarily require socks and you also need to use the shoes accordingly.

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    Yukata is usually worn by women in all regions of Japan and male members do not usually use this dress because it is generally designed for females.

    On the other hand, Kimono is used equally by both men and women because it is more popular for functions and is designed for both genders.

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    Yukata dresses usually have a limited variety of designs but Kimono dresses have countless designs that make these dresses special and glamorous.

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