Dinner Ideas for Kids

Out of three meals a day, dinner time is the only one during which almost every family member is around. It easily serves as the meet-up time for the family where they can sit together, summarise the day to each other, enjoy the food and relax. The only ones in the family who try to stay away from the dining table are the kids in the house. Complaining on the table is the later stage, getting them to it in the first place is where you have to start off from.

It is your responsibility to instill the habits in the kids when they are very young rather than letting the wrong ones sink in and then moving on with an all new agenda of rectifying them.

The interaction at that time of the day is actually an investment in the upbringing and the overall mannerism of your children. Dining table often serves as the relationship building platform specially for working parents who are busy otherwise. Some most important family topics and discussions stem at the meal times so make it the relationship building agent in your home.


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    Once the kids are done with their homework, they do have plenty of time before going to bed, start the table relationship from the kitchen. Invite them in for helping you. Do not make this a daily routine, but try doing this as frequently as possible. With time, they will come in to help without you asking them.

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    Ask them that what do they want for dinner, the question will serve vital in order to arouse their interest.

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    Split some responsibilities, of course keeping in mind the age of your kid and the things that you have in the kitchen, keep them away from anything harmful. For example, if you are baking, frying or cooking potatoes to go with the main course, then you can get them to peeling. Show the way to them once and then announce a reward for whoever gets done with the peeling first.

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    Setting the table itself is an interesting task. Leave it to your kids once a week to set it with their favourite crockery, set some reward for the best laid out table.

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    Make sure that you appreciate their efforts during the meal. Turning on Junior Masterchef right when they are eating can set down your dinner time tensions once and for all. You never know if your kids would end up being professional chefs one day.

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