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Dubai Air Show is a flagship event of F&E Aerospace, and their most recent edition was the biggest in the history of airshows. Along with thousands of attendees and exhibitors, the event also receives comprehensive media coverage. Top brands and companies showcase the latest in aerospace technology and buyers place their orders accordingly.

The 2013 edition saw orders of over $200 billion, the largest in the history of any airshow in the world. If you are interested in aerospace technology, are a potential buyer or an exhibitor, you can’t afford to miss the next iteration, scheduled for 2015.

In this guide we will walk you through the history of the show and provide all the information and details you need to know.

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    The Dubai Air Show was first organized at Dubai Trade Centre in 1986 as a small aviation show, but by 1991 it had grown three times its original size. This was when the Gulf War had started and the dates of the event had to be shifted, while the focus remained on military air machines.

    But it was in 1999 that the Airport Expo was built and the show finally got its permanent location where it was held in successive years. However, it was recently in 2011 that the event’s location has changed to Dubai World Central.

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    - A line of air machines are on display, where buyers and sellers can contact each to negotiate deals.

    - Sponsors of the show are invited to speak to the students of different colleges, universities and institutions. They are guided regarding any career paths available in the sponsor companies.

    - The Green Dubai Show is as informative as it is useful. Latest plans by different aviation companies are shown in which ways of reducing pollution are discussed.

    - An Airline Chief Conference is held before the main event formally starts. Debates are organized between high-level officials to work out ways to make the aviation industry more prosperous and reduce the associated costs.

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    Tickets and Entry Requirements

    Entry is barred for people under 16 and it is not a public event that is open for everyone. The visitor passes cost US$50 and they are valid for 5 days. Also, stringent security checks for visitors are common before you are allowed entry into the event.

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    Important dates

    The show is usually held in November and it takes places every other year. In 2013, the event was held between 17 - 21 November. The 2015 edition is scheduled for 8 - 12 November.

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    The show typically lasts about 5 days.

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    Contacting Dubai Air Show

    The organizers of the show can be contacted on the phone number given below. They can also be contacted by filling out a form which can be viewed through this link.

    Telephone: +971 4 603 3300

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    Dubai World Central, Headquarter 1 - Dubai World Central and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), Dubai.

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    How to Get to Dubai World Central

    There is no tram station near the venue. But there are a few bus stops and the closest of them is the Dubai World Central, Headquarter 1. The venue is only a few seconds' walk after you get off the bus station, and bus number F53 travels to it. View Map

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