Dubonnet Cocktail Recipe

Hosting a dinner but can’t make up your mind on what to serve as an aperitif? Well, let the worry whisk away with the tangy aroma of a Dubonnet cocktail! It is considered as one of the best aperitifs you can serve. Dubonnet has been a favourite cocktail to serve with dinners because of the rich versatility it promises in terms of taste, stimulating flavour and the distinctive scent, which ensures your senses are refreshed while your stomach gets full. A favourite beverage of the French Legion, Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Mother of Queen and Queen Elizabeth II also liked Dubbonet and Gin before lunch. Although, originally an un-garnished cocktail since as far back as the 1930’s, now the Dubonnet Cocktail is served with either lemon or an orange peel to add a little piquant taste that envelopes the taste buds of the drinker in a subtle embrace, while the rich ruby color that is the drink’s pride makes it a treat to the eyes on candle-lit dinners. Drink Zaza (another name for Dubonnet cocktail) and bask in the affluent vintage glory that the cocktail’s history takes pride in.

Preparation Time: 3 – 5 minutes.
Serving size:
1 person.


– 1 and a half oz of Gin.
– 3 over 4 oz of Dubonnet Rouge
– Lemon Twist for garnishing purposes.


    • 1

      Take some time before you begin to make this recipe to clean the entire work area of your kitchen that you will be using to make this delightful cocktail. Also, wash your hands, glasses, utensils and other items that you will be using. Always keep your work surface clean and free from any sort of bacteria to avoid any issues.

    • 2

      Add ice into a cocktail shaker. Be sure to not add too much ice in the shaker as you do not want your cocktail to get too watery. It is up to you as to how much ice you think is required as per your personal taste.

    • 3

      Pour ingredients into your cocktail shaker and shake until you get a good mixture. Remember that you want a smooth texture in your mixture so try to check the consistency often while shaking the entire cocktail mix. If you shake it too much then it can become very runny and watery.

    • 4

      Chill the cocktail glass before dispensing the mixture into it. You can use any type of glass that you think is best or  convenient for you.

    • 5

      Garnish with a lemon twist or orange bitter to add a sharp succulent taste to the cocktail. You can garnish your cocktail with anything you feel like depending on your own preference. However, it is best to follow this recipe to get the best results.

    • 6

      Your Dubbonet cocktail is ready to be served. Your friends and family will enjoy sipping this lovely cocktail for hours.

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