Easy Ways to Find a Date

Easy ways to find a date; is a step by step guide on, what one women did to find dates for more than 100 men.

Finding a date is not as hard as people make it sound. However you make your bed, that’s how you lay in it. Dating is the same, the effort your put into is, what determines the results you will get from it.  You must use everything you got to get lucky: your friends, co-workers, family, conscious mind and most importantly the sub-conscious mind.  They say the most powerful aspect of achieving the impossible is; when your subconscious mind works day in day out, to get what you want in life.

I have seen some of the most beautiful girls living a single life.  Not because they are not attractive but they didn’t know how to find someone. Anyone reading this guide should be able to find a date, it shows all the steps needed to fight loneliness.


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    Your friends and family

    I am sure; your friends and family already know if you are single and they will always try to help.  If they don’t know, don’t play the tough guy/girl and let them know you are available and looking for a date.  People in general try to help but most don’t because, they don’t know if you need help or not.

    Ask  people around you to keep an eye out.   Participate in family and friends gatherings. Key is not only to have people try to hook you up with someone but you do the same.  There might be other single friends you have, who you can introduce to others.  Sometimes two close friends might not date each other but will date each others friends.  When you help someone find a date, chances are high the laws of universe will return the favor.

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    Co-workers and lose ties

    Lose ties are some times more important in finding a date than your close family and friends. The reason for this is simple. The close circle of family and friends already know you and you tend to know, more of the same people they know.

    With lose ties; it’s not the same.  People your lose connections know, are different than those known by you.  Places they hangout are different and their interest normally are different.  Being invited to parties or places your lose connections spend time at, could substantially increase your chances of meeting someone new.

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    It takes one person to make a difference

    Couple of years ago in London a friend of mine; decided to take it up on her, to make sure everyone she knows has a date for Febuary 14th.

    In January she started letting people know, she is going to help all the singles around her and around the people she knows, to find dates.

    She sent the following message “If you know someone single please help me find them a date”.  By the second week of January, she had more than 300 people who approached her for help. 140 of the people who contacted her were male and 170 were females.  She was able to help every man who approached her find a date. There were 30 women who she was not able to help find a date, because there were no more men left.

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    How She Was Able To Find People Looking For Date?

    I asked her how she was able to find all the singles and how come the success was so high, 100% of the 1 to  1 ratio between men and women were able to find someone.  What she said was shockingly simple and useful.

    First step in finding yourself a valentine date is to let people know, “i am looking to take someone for a dinner on feb 14th, if you know anyone who is single please let me know”

    If you don’t ask, no one would know if you are without a date

    In her case, lots of singles were referred by their family, friends or co-workers.

    Thought Bite : Everyone wants to help, as long as they don’t need to do the work.

    It is easier to refer someone else than referring yourself. People for some reason still find it difficult to ask people for dating help.

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    Here is a story in words of my friend that will shock you.

    From all the people referred to her for a date, there was one girl (let us call her Leah) in particular, when her friend referred her to me, I could not believe it. She was easy on the eyes; to say the least, and damn right gorgeous, to tell the truth. Her not having a date was hard to believe. She could have walked down the street and come back with anyone she wanted but yet she was single.  When anyone referred someone, I told them to make sure person they are referring knows.  I normally just sent an email and asked what kind of person they were interested in.

    This girl I decided to call instead.  Her voice was just as beautiful as her picture and we decided to meet on the weekend.  When I saw her for the first time, I thought the picture that was sent to me, was not the same as this person I am meeting.   I was actually upset at her friend who sent me her photo.  Why would she send me a photo, that was nowhere close to how this person looked in real life?

    The truth is, some people are photogenic and look better in pictures while others look better in person.  This was the case here, she looked 100% better in person and the way she dressed made “elegant” an understatement.  I am a decent looking women in a loving relationship, in two hours I was with her, she got more looks than I did in an entire year.

    While you are reading this, you might be wondering why such a beautiful girl was still single?

    The answer to this, you will find intriguing.

    I decided to do two experiments to determine why she was still single.

    In the First Experiment; I sent Leah's picture along with the picture of nine other women to ten men. They were told two of these ten women are already taken. They can only pick one photo and ask for more details. If they picked the photo of the women who is already taken, they lose their chance of getting any information for anyone else.  Leah was by far the best looking among the ten pictures I sent, Guess how many people asked to get more information for Leah?

    The result of this experiment are provided later on in this post.

    Second experiment I did was in person.  I invited 50 people for a night out.


    They were all told I am in relationship so please don’t ask me for a date.
    There may be two other girls in this group who are already taken.  I am not going to tell you guys who they are but, please make sure do not ask them for a date.
    If you ask someone who is already in relationship for a date, there will be consequences.
    Everyone was told to make sure talk to each other but do not ask for date unless you are sure the person is single.

    Guess how many people asked Leah for a date?

    To get the Answers of these experiments Please Go To :

    Why Singles Can't find a Date

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