Effective ways to Comfort your Wife

In marriage, when one partner is down it brings you down as well – that is why if you want a happy marriage it is necessary to give strong comfort to your wife as studies reveal that women require that extra comfort as opposed to men who are less emotional – once you master the technique on how to comfort your wife she will become a lot more grateful and rest assured you will most likely be getting comfort when you need it as well… Before you read the steps below you need to realise that not all women are the same, if you’ve comforted your mother or your sister before your wife could be a lot different as some welcome the comfort whereas others don’t like to open up therefore don’t like it when other people comfort that is where you must assess the situation and make sure you do not over do things at the same time… don’t under do it either as you want to make sure you come across that you care for her, that is why you’re there so she can speak to you if she wants to.


  • 1

    Think what the possible factors may be to why she needs comforting

    Could be someone she knew that passed away? Did one of her female friends accuse her of something? Or maybe you can recall if it was you that gave her the hurt.

  • 2

    A hug makes every difference

    Believe it or not, a hug can make a huge impact on your wife at tough times like this, be telling her not to worry and even giving her that kiss on the forehead to remind her that you love her.

  • 3

    Ask if she requires any assistance

    does she need anything? A glass of water? If she is crying and she says no to water we would suggest you bring some anyway and maybe take over any chores that she was supposed to do around the house/picking up kids.

  • 4

    She wants space

    If you requires space then do not force your face into her space, the best thing you can do is give her that space and let her come around herself.

  • 5

    Never fight back

    Is she mad at you? The worse thing you can do is start defending/fighting back – listen to what she has to say and agree followed by leaving the room.

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