Enable, Use, and Disable Safe Mode in Windows 8

Have you installed the developers preview version of Windows 8 operating system? And after installation, are you encountering a few problems? Then do not get alarmed because there is an option to boot your system in safe mode so that you can fix the problems easily.

Windows 8 does not automatically start in safe mode. It is not by default and has to be done manually. If you aren’t exactly sure how to do it then  the guide arranged below will help you out.

Follow the instructions carefully so that you can successfully enable, use, and disable safe mode in your Windows 8 operating system.


  • 1

    First you will have to open the comand prompt. To open it with Metro UI, go to the Metro start Screen and open the Desktop. In the start Screen select Search and then open Search Panel.

  • 2

    A new window will open on your screen. On the right side of the screen type cmd in the Search box.

  • 3

    A result will be displayed on the right side of the box after typing this command. Click on the resut cmd.exe.

  • 4

    A new window will open on your screen. On the right side of the screen type cmd in the Search box.

  • 5

    Select Run as Administrator from the list.

  • 6

    Windows 7 start menu can also be enabled by following the pocedure mentiond below:

    By using the Windows 7 Start Menu search cmd and then the cmd.exe pogram will be displayed on your screen.

  • 7

    On the cmd.exe programe file, right click and select Run as Administrator from the popup menu.

  • 8

    A new window will open on your screen titled User Accout Control. Click the Yes button in order to continue the procedure.

  • 9

    In the comand prompt window enter the code mentioned below:

    bcdedit /enum /v

  • 10

    Again enter another code that  is bcdedit /copy and then press the space bar.

  • 11

    Now you will have to copy the identifier for windows Boot Loader with the description Winfows Developer Preview. This can be done by right clicking on the Window and then choosing Mark from the list of menu viewed.

  • 12

    Before pressing enter, highlight the identifier.

  • 13

    On the windows right click and then choose Paste from the menu.

  • 14

    After that click the spacebar and then type /d “Windows 8 Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”. In the end press enter. This will help in executing the command.

  • 15

    Exit from the comand window.

  • 16

    In the same manner as you opened cmd.exe earlier, open msonfg.exe

  • 17

    A window titled System Configuration will open. Click on the Boot tab and then select Windows 8 Developer Preview (Safe Mode)  from the viewed list.

  • 18

    Before clicking OK, check Safe Boot checkbox.

  • 19

    A small dialog box will open on your screen. Click the restart button. Windows will boot in Desktop view. If you wish to delete Safe Mode Boot, then again open as Administrator and type bcdedit/delete

  • 20

    Follow similar procdure as mentioned earlier but uncheck the Safe Boot. This will help in turning off the safe mode.

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