Explore Best Beaches to Visit in Dubai, UAE

If you are a beach aficionado then you will love the glorious Dubai beaches. Dubai, one of the world’s foremost travel destinations, is a world class holiday target for those tourists who are looking for a comforting beach holiday. There are only a  few but magnificent beaches in Dubai, and most of them are sandy. Dubai showcases some of the most excellent beaches on the planet, which are perfect places to enjoy the breezy water and 12 hours of sunshine a day. These beaches are accessible for everyone from all around the world at the cost of a nominal entry fee. Dubai beaches offer some of the most thrilling activities like jet skiing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and paragliding.

Below you will find a list of some most beautiful beaches from around Dubai:


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    Jumeirah Beach Dubai

    Dubai’s most well known Jumeirah Beach is among renowned beaches in the globe. Burj Al Arab, world’s fourth tallest 7 star hotel, plays a vital role in its popularity beyond the borders of Dubai. You will find it a perfect place as it is hardly 25 minutes drive from the Dubai city centre and is not very crowded. The very shallow water and on duty lifesavers throughout the day make it an ideal option for family outing. Moreover, it offers beachgoers 3 kilometers of soft white sand and warm, greenish-blue water. As a result of its popularity among Russian tourists, the Jumeirah Beach Dubai is also known as “Russian Beach.” This beach is fully equipped with the basic facilities of life.

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    Al Mamzar Beach Dubai

    Al Mamzar Beach is one of the finest beaches in Dubai and a wonderful spot to visit. It provides its visitors an amazing blend of sun, sand, and a grassy park with shade called the Al Mamzar Beach Park. You can find this gorgeous park on the Diera side. Al Mamzar Beach Dubai offers a variety of facilities visitors would want for a day in the sun, together with barbequing and vast playing areas for children. Moreover, this beach has a great quantity of fish, making it an ideal spot for scuba diving. Al Mamzar Beach Dubai offers all the modern facilities for its visitors.

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    Khorfakkan Beach Dubai

    Khorfakkan Beach Dubai is another exceedingly recommended picnic spot with 30 kilometers of stunning sand found on the Eastern side of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The mountains rising out of this beautiful beach are just lovely. Diving, snorkeling, wind surfing and body surfing are all much loved activities at Khorfakkan Beach Dubai. Moreover, the coral reefs just off the coastline are perfect for snorkeling trips. Heart Beach, located on the North side, is a charming spot for an early evening adventure in the area of Khorfakkan Beach. Arabic writings imprinted into the side of the mountains are just 15 minute walk from this beach. These inscriptions make a heavenly backdrop for a picturesque leisurely walk.

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    Jebel Ali Beach Dubai

    Jebel Ali Beach Dubai is the one of the most magnificent you can see in Jebel Ali, the man-made harbor in the world. This most scenic beach is a blessed area of natural coastline, with amazing white sand and pleasant blue waters. Jebel Ali Beach Dubai is known for its Palm Island development and immense golf courses.

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    Wollongong Beach Dubai

    Wollongong Beach Dubai, also known as kite beach, is located near the Dubai campus of Wollongong University Australia along the beach fronts of Jumeirah and Um Sequim. Thousands of tourists from different regions of the world visit this eye-catching beach every year.  It is Dubai’s one and only approved kite beach, except on Fridays and public holidays. Visitors can enjoy the breezy weather during hot days of summer and the most comforting climates in winters.

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    Umm Suqeim Beach Dubai

    Umm Suqeim Beach is another remarkable sandy beach in Dubai.  An ideal sight of the Burj Al Arab makes it one of Dubai's most striking public beaches. Visitors just love to have a long stay at this beach on weekends to add some incomparable moments to their lives by sunbathing, enjoying tennis or having a picnic.  The stand-up paddlewheel boundaries and the surfers of this beautiful beach attract gentle waves and warm waters of the Arabian Gulf.

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