Eyeball Cake Decoration for Halloween

Impress your Halloween party guests with an eyeball cake. Although, this creepy and interesting cake looks eye-catching, but it does not require any special pans or cake-decorating materials. You can use a store-bought cake as a base for the decoration of an eyeball cake. Otherwise baking a fresh cake at home is not a bad idea at all. Once you get the cake in hand, simply frost it with any of your favorite frosting and make a unique eye design on it in order to give it a scary finishing touch for Halloween.

Simply scroll down and have a look at our step by step guide where everything has been arranged accordingly for you. You can easily understand the steps and manage to decorate an eyeball cake for Halloween.


  • 1

    Take a freshly baked round shape cake and place it on a revolving cake stand. Use any of your favorite cake like chocolate cake, pineapple cake, caramel cake etc.

    Note: You can bake a cake yourself or buy from your nearest bakery store.

    Eyeball Cake Decoration for Halloween
  • 2

    Add some white frosting or icing to top and sides of the selected cake. Now take a metal spatula and smooth the frosting from all sides of the cake to give it a smooth and glossy finishing touch.

    Note: White frosting is used in this recipe but you have the option available at hand to replace it with any other icing that you like.

    Eyeball Cake Decoration for Halloween
  • 3

    Leave the cake until the frosting dries out completely.

  • 4

    Take an empty pastry bag and pour some blue frosting into it. Seal the pastry bag properly and draw a large eye right in the center or one side of the cake. You are not good at drawing an exactly round eye, simply use a small glass in order to imprint a circle shape on the white frosting of your cake.

    Note: Once again, you can replace the blue frosting with any other color that you like.

  • 5

    Now, take a black frosting and draw a pupil in the center of the eye and fill it with the same black frosting.

  • 6

    Grab the pastry bag of the blue frosting again fill the outer area of the pupil with it.

  • 7

    Your Halloween Eye Cake is almost done; pick red gel frosting and carefully trace blood vessels in the white potion of the eye in order to get compete and scary eye look.

  • 8

    Refrigerate your nicely decoratedHalloween Eye Cake until thoroughly chilled and enjoy.

    Eyeball Cake Decoration for Halloween

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