Fashion Etiquette for a Formal Party

Fashion etiquette is something not many are acquainted with. It doesn’t just include what you wear, but how you wear it and the way you carry yourself, behaving in social gatherings. And when it comes to formal parties, the test gets a little more stringent. The most important thing to know before going to a formal party is the type of attire because it will be an embarrassing situation if someone appears in the wrong outfit. To avoid this situation, first find out what type of formal party you are invited to by looking at the invitation card (if given) because there are different types of formal parties and each of them have different requirement of dressing. In case you are unsure about the requirement of a formal party, then get in touch with the host or hostess and enquire details. After getting the details, you can dress up according to the occasion by following simple fashion etiquette for a formal party given in the steps below. And make sure your behavior is socially acceptable when you’re at the event.


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    Dress Code for a Formal Party

    A white-tie event requires a man to wear a white wing-collared shirt along with a white bow tie, white vest and black tailcoat suit.

    On the other hand, a woman should put on evening gown of floor length for this particular event.

    In contrast to the white-tie event, the black-tie affair looks more fancy. The requirement for a man to attend this kind of event includes wearing a white shirt with black bow tie, matching vest and black tuxedo.

    In contrast to men, women can wear either short cocktail dresses or long evening gowns to attend a black-tie event.

    In optional kinds of black-tie events guests have the choice to wear formal suits of different colours, as black is optional.

    Women, on the other side, can opt for dressy separates, short cocktail dresses or long evening dresses.

    Semiformal events are less formal as compared to the other occasions - as the name suggests. Therefore, for these events fashion etiquettes are less rigid. Men can put on their business suits, but they should be in dark colours to go along with white shirt and tie.

    Women can wear long and elegant skirts or short cocktail dresses to a semiformal event.

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    Shoes & Socks for a Formal Party

    For a white-tie event men should wear a pair of socks which must be black dress socks. Shoes in this case must be either of patent leather or shinny black. However, for a typical black-tie event, men should wear black dress socks along with black dress shoes. Events which are semi formal usually demand dark colour dress shoes from men.

    Women, on the other hand, should wear high heels for both white and black-tie events and in case of a semi formal event, they can try something less formal or low heel shoes.

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    Accessories for a Formal Party

    Men should wear accessories to a formal party. These accessories can be cufflinks in silver or gold or they can match the colour scheme of the tie. Luxurious watches will also go along well with formal attire. Additionally, men can also use suspenders for better fitting, but these are optional.

    Women must wear jewellery that should flatter their gowns, skirts or cocktail dresses. Other accessories for women can be jewel clips or luxury watches.

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    Etiquette for a Formal Party

    Whenever a man or woman attends a formal party, they should keep in mind that their nails should be trimmed and free of dirt. Their hair should be properly combed and styled in a decent way. Men should shave in order to have a neat and clean look, while women must wax or thread their essential body parts. In addition to this, both men and women should eat food in way that it would not offend other guests around them.

    When it comes to social interactions and meeting people at the event, both men and women should make sure they are at their best. Throw in smiles where necessary and show interest in what the other person is saying.  Keep people interested and make conversations - but there's a thin line between breathing down their necks and conversing. Don't over-do it. Keep your topics of conversation intelligent and intellectual, but try not to broach religious or political topics since the discussion can easily turn nasty.

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