Fieldway Tram Stop London

Fieldway is a tram stop that is situated in the London Borough of Croydon. Fieldway tram stop cover the Route 3 of the Tramlink network that serves the inhabitants of the new Addington that is in the south of the British capital. This tram stop can be easily located from the road side as well as it is present in the neighborhood of the northbound bus stop at the A2022 Lodge Lane. Most of the Fieldway Tram Stop users are the local residents as this area does not attract many tourists. These local residents use this tram stop to move between New Addington and Wimbledon through central Croydon.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops near Fieldway Tram Stop

    Fieldway Tram Stop comes in a residential area therefore it does not boast as many restaurants and coffee shops in its vicinity as one can find near other Tramlink stops.

    Capones Pizza Parlour, Rayon D'or Restaurant, The Cricketers & Planet Spice

    Coffee Shops:
    Hilltop Cafe & Star Express

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    Clubs & Bars near Fieldway Tram Stop

    Due to proximity with the residential area there is dearth of clubs near Fieldway Tram Stop, but the number of bars is quite reasonable, where people come to drink various beverages.

    The Randall Tavern  & Forestdale Arms

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    Educational Institutes near Fieldway Tram Stop

    Due to the increasing population Fieldway Tram Stop commune has a decent number of schools that can be found near it. In addition to this two colleges are also operating close to it.

    John Ruskin College & St John Rigby Catholic College

    The Learning Tree, Applegarth Junior School, Wolsey Junior School, Forestdale Primary School, Castle Hill Primary School, Courtwood Primary School, Selsdon High School, Gilbert Scott Primary, Rowdown Primary School, Good Shepherd R C Aided School & Wolsey Infant and Junior Schools

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    Gift & Bookshops near Fieldway Tram Stop

    In comparison to the few other residential areas of London, the locality of Fieldway Tram Stop has very few gift and book shops nearby it. These shops can be found within one mile region of this tram stop.

    Gift Shops:
    The Card Shop

    The Perfect Book Store Ltd

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    Health & Beauty Services near Fieldway Tram Stop

    The health and beauty services near Fieldway Tram Stop are more decent as compared to the other amenities around it. In this category of health and beauty the number of salons dominates spa and gyms.

    Great Smile Spa & Affable Therapy

    Mittens Corner Salon, Talking Heads, Lee Nail Services, Azaleas, Exclusive Hairdressing, So Be & Heavenly Beauty

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    Emergency Services near Fieldway Tram Stop

    For the safety and security of the inhabitants living around Fieldway Tram Stop there is a police station and a fire brigade station, which can be ringed up or visited in case of an incident.

    Police Stations:
    Addington Police Station

    Fire Brigade:
    Addington Fire Station

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    Hospitals & clinics near Fieldway Tram Stop

    The suburbs of Fieldway Tram Stop are full of different private medical clinics and health centres, where patients are taken care in the best of the ways under the supervision of professional physicians.

    Fieldway Medical Centre, Caslte Hill Surgery, Gravel Hill Surgery, Croydon Physiotherapy, Ramani Dental Practice, Salerno Dr J O, Uberoi J L, The Farley Road Medical Practice, Dr O Ogunyemi - Headley Drive Surgery, Selsdon Complementary & Respiratory Health Clinic, Bamboye Dr R, Baskaran Dr B & Parkway Health Centre

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    Childcare Centres near Fieldway Tram Stop

    Parents and care takers of the children residing near Fieldway Tram Stop have some decent choices when it comes to childcare centre as there are numerous such establishment close to this Tramlink stop.

    Rowdown Childcare Centre, Acorn, Play Place, Little Stars Childcare & The Cooperative Childcare Nursery New Addington

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