Five Things You Must Do To Ensure A Great Day

Spending a great day, every day is not a child’s play, but with persistence and determination, you can set a routine which can help you out with this.


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    Take Proper Sleep

    Although it may sound more like a cliché, a healthy body needs a healthy mind. Here, you do not need to meditate, play games like chess and scrabble on a daily basis or indulge in mental exercises; all you need to do is to ensure a sound 8 hour sleep every day.

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    The importance of exercise for physical health and fitness cannot be stresses more. But, what exercise also does is to stimulate your mind, preparing it for the work load which is going to follow. The best bet is to do any sort of a workout early in the morning, and even if you are a bush tailed person, ensure that you wake up ten minutes prior to your routine timings and exert either in the form of push-ups, crunches, squats or any exercise which does not need specialised equipments or technique. This exercise will basically get your blood flow going which will eliminate all the flakiness right at the start of the day.

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    Plan Out Your Day

    Be it your personal engagements or professional responsibilities, everything should be planned right at the start of the day. This will create and acceptance level in the mind and will also help you to manage your time properly.

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    Make Breakfast Your Most Important Meal of the Day

    Whenever a person is getting late for work, what will be the first thing he or she will compromise on to save some time – the breakfast. That is a cardinal sin. Without the intake of proper food at the start of the day, the body suffers from hypoglycaemia, which means that you won’t be able to concentrate on your work and would rather be busy enduring the hunger pangs and weakness.

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    Adopt of Top Heavy Approach

    Regardless of whatever you do, there is always that one task everyday which you genuinely abhor. You will get sinking feeling at the very mention of this and will keep on sulking at its prospect till the time finally comes to do it. What will happen in the meantime is that your other tasks will also be affected, this reducing the overall efficiency. The best approach is therefore to tackle that one troublesome task right at the start of the day and save yourself a bundle of worries.

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